You’ve Been Pouring Guinness All Wrong

Ordering a Guinness on drafts takes longer than most other beers. Part of the reason is the gas used to carbonate it: nitrogen. William Lee, a professor of Industrial Mathematics at the University of Huddersfield, discovered that the specially-designed Guinness pint glass causes the bubbles to sink. This increases the wait time for the beer to settle. From his findings in the study funded by the Science Foundation Ireland, Lee believes something closer to a giant martini glass would work better.

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  1. All Due Respect to the Engineer Talking about the Physics, and Formulas, As an Irish Barman, Someone coming into asking a Bar, ( Any Bar ) asking for Guinness in a Martini Glass, is Gonna Be told here to Go… if you don't like Guinness, as it comes from the Tap, or the Tulip Glass, and without Blackcurrant etc…
    Don't Drink it. There's plenty more Options.

  2. HA – the "…straw…" came to my mind even before it was mentioned it – HA. I have seen a pub here that after the pint of Guinness was poured, they then put the glass on some sort of machine that 'mico-vibrates' and gets all the bubbles and head up to the top very quickly. HA – a mate put his pint of lager on it and the machine sent all the CO2 out in a 'flash – HA – his pint was a flat pint in no time at all. Have a safe and nice day all. CHEERS from AUSTRALIA.

  3. It does that in this dollar store flat bottom glass and if you take the can that has the widget in it you can crack it open drop it in and let the liquid balance wait for those bubble's to fall and just gently but constantly pull it out and the fall still happen it's really a party trick more than anything

  4. "For me, an important thing is I get my drink very quickly." (Sounds like something a frat boy gunning Bud Lights would say) — "I might have to drink it out of a straw so as to not spill it on me." (He would rather drink beer out of a straw than wait an extra minute for his beer??)

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