Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company, Ireland – Elevation Pale Ale 4.8% ABV

Beer #150

Brewery: Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company, Newtown Mount Kennedy, Leinster Ireland
Beer: Elevation Pale Ale 4.8% ABV
Style: Pale Ale – American
This aromatic & flavourful Pale Ale showcases a blend of fruity characteristics typical from the Mosaic hop which is used in abundance in this beer.

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  1. I like that logo, can’t say I have seen such a menacing wolf! Also enjoy seeing the Irish brews, I rarely, if ever, see Irish craft beers. Sounds tasty as well (9.4). We call it cotton candy….Slainte!

  2. @Bluu_Ice raised an interesting point about low abv's and he's correct that they are lower here than the USA. I thought I'd check to see what the numbers say.
    Of the 154 beers I've reviewed so far:
    77 below 5%
    41 between 5% and 6%
    25 between 6% and 7%
    9 at 7% or over

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