Weekly wrap up LIVE… Let's recap this INSANE week of the Gun Rights fight!

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In tonight’s live episode, we recap this INSANE week of the Gun Rights fight! This week had everything under the sun and we need to recap it all right here, and Live! Here are the show notes with a video on each topic:

Live topics:

US Court halts AR Bans and Magazine’s in TRO

Jerry Nadler stumbles HARD and walks right into a bear trap

Lefties turn on ATF director. ATF now “captured”

AWB went into committee

Daniel Defense used Anti gun policies against Anti gunners

Dems now targeting gun companies marketing and sales

Pelosi Pulled the AWB

Media admits its all for a show AWB

New US court suit to halt mag bans nationwide

House does an about face and votes and passes AWB

All of a sudden the AWB is “Doomed” in the Senate…



  1. i have tryed to sit back and just shut up but i cant. thay want to ban assault weapons. just what is an assault weapons. it is a scary looking gun. this could be a bb gun so that is a genral defanation. i am done with those dems that have no brains. i am pissed at all this bull shit. if those criminals want to come and stel from us i have a backhoe and a gun. stay away.

  2. Your channel is serving a great purpose protecting liberty more than you could ever imagine.
    However, the election will be compromised by numerous nefarious tricks by democrats and paid BLM jerks. It will be declared Void, imo. FREE

  3. While we are as close to a 2nd "Civil" war as I have ever known, people fail to realize just how little the last one solved. Folks are still whining about slavery, & the states are still arguing with the Fed' over "Supremacy"… The 1st "Civil" War cost us more American lives than ALL of our other conflicts COMBINED!!! Let us pray for peace & understanding🙏

  4. I know this is coming in way late, but I can also see Democrats coming back as saying that Republicans in the Senate are voting against a police/crime fighting bill.

  5. WE NEED TO FIGHT AND NEVER STOP!! BANNING AR15's At this very moment, with our country turning into a socialist country and Crime getting worse and worse and then China is getting heavier and heavier, making AR15's illegal is the last thing that should be done. All the reasons I I just mentioned is the EXACT reason the writers of the constitution put in the 2nd amendment

  6. What I don't understand, is with all the billions of dollars the entire gun industry makes a year, why haven't they done more payoffs to sway these crooked a## politicians. Liberalism is a cancer that has to be cut out of our society.

  7. Like a Anti Gunner even knows what a treaded barrel is. These people don’t know anything about firearms. My Brothers and I were taught at very young ages and I taught all my kids.

  8. Why isn't President Biden, The House, and The Senate not concentrating on inflation, gas prices, the Ukraine war, etc. instead of trying to get an unconstitutional assuault weapons ban passed? Or trying to keep guns out of the hands of criminals?

  9. I’m not surprised with our corrupt Democrats in office not surprised that they could pass anything I mean the government gets to infringe upon a two-way anytime they feel like it it doesn’t make sense to me why does our government allow it

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