Vegetal Hop Flavor CRAFT BEER – Bandido by Tripping Animals Brewing Co | Craft Beer Review

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What’s up, everyone? Today on The Brew: Craft Beer Reviews, my boy Mark and I are going to sample, rate, and review an IPA that is produced in our hometown of Miami, Florida!

Today’s beer is Bandido, a session IPA that is produced by Tripping Animals Brewing Co. in Doral, Florida. Tripping Animals is a 100% independent and family-owned brewery that is owned by my friend Ignacio Montenegro and his three partners and opened in Doral in 2018. They first began brewing back in 2011 in their home country of Venezuela before traveling to breweries across the globe and eventually settling down in Miami.

Bandido is one of Tripping Animals’ core beers. It contains 6% alcohol by volume and is known for its clean and sleek vegetal hop flavor. Its color is like that of a hazy orange juice, while its flavor is citrusy with notes of grapefruit and clementine as well as mango, papaya, and grass/herbs.

Have you ever tried Bandido by Tripping Animals Brewing Co.? What’s your favorite session IPA? Let me know in the comments below!


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