Trying Tim Hortons New Vanilla Cream Cold Brew Coffee | brunetteprincesse

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  1. Please know that the love Canadians have for Tim Hortons is for the former version before they were bought by Burger King in 2014. Tim Hortons was primarily know as a coffee shop with doughnuts for most of its existence since its inception in 1964 in Hamilton Ontario. The current fast food version is not what most Canadians love. From 5am till 6pm we go to the Tim Hortons drive thu for coffee!!!!!!

  2. Cold brewed coffee is meant to be black no milk and no sugar soon as you start putting milk or sugar in it it’s not cold brew coffee anymore It would be known as iced coffee

  3. Love the vlogs, you should do more of them or day in your life on a weekend when you’re not working. Also McDonalds bought out Tim Hortons coffee 10 ish years ago, which is why timmies coffee is not the best now and McDonalds tastes much better 😉💯

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