Trouble Brewing In Northern Ireland? SNP On A Roll? Italy Blocks Jabs Going To Oz!

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  1. The tories want the nurses to strike – its part of their plan to destroy devalue then privatise the NHS. NHS Scotland has always been independent – but the Barnet consequentials will damage funding. Roll on May – and indyref2 – its been a lifetime of waiting never mind a generation. The lies, foreign interventions and broken promises of last time invalidate it as an opportunity.

  2. Tesla has services centres all over the UK and will come out to your location like the AA.
    Their call out is not as comprehensive as AA but one just gets towed to a service centre or back to your home.
    No big deal.

    Ps. I don't need Elon to be a Mother Teresa I just need him to push the world into transitioning into renewable energy and EV's. In that regards he is like Jesus relative to other global car CEO's.

  3. The scots can see and even better smell the Tories from a mile off.
    They realise that all of this was turned to try and get Sturgeons head.
    They cared nothing for Salmon or his alleged victims.
    Thus they undermine their credibility once again.
    Tories in scotland just like their brethren in England don't really care about the Ministerial code when it is one of their own nor saving the public purse- given the huge cronyism of the test track and trace fiasco.
    Labour is not too bad but given they would rather hobble Scotland with the union even after Brexit, the Scots will have to kick them out as well in the coming elections.

  4. Clueless interviewer as usual. What hope is there if out and out lies are not picked up (average nurse's salary) by a spineless and ill prepared hack ''journalist…?'' The UK media – with a few noble exceptions – is failing us on every level, how can anything change when power isn't held to account….?

  5. Matt Hancock talking about "supporting the NHS". What do these words mean to him, surely he must be using an alternate dictionary than the one we're using ?

  6. Nadine Dorries appeared on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2012, when she was an MP and had to be forced to declare the £82.000 profit she made from the appearing on the show!

  7. I joined the snp along with my partner this week.
    This week the tories in Scotland tabled a vote of no confidence in nicola sturgeon, despite the fact that there is an ongoing enquiry into if she misled parliament…. An accusation that should bring about her resignation if proven.
    The tories questioned her at the committee asking her to apologise for Alex salmond and various other inappropriate questions.
    Remember this is the Scottish tories who want I dependence from the UK tory party… A joke I know.
    Yesterday Boris Johnson was found guilty of misleading Parliament on covid contracts. Its almost a day since that broke. It has not feature on my sky and BBC apps, or indeed the pages of the newspapers. However sturgeon has been front page news and featuring heavily in both BBC and sky news platforms.
    Johnson should resign by right as the tories want sturgeon to resign for the same thing……. Its gone quiet from the tories.
    The whole thing stinks. The tories are corrupt, controlling the press and the media agenda. When will people wake up?

    As for me, its independence. 10000 new snp members including myself after this shit show.

  8. Please Max, there's absolutely no reason to apologise for your language, every time this vile government and their sycophants appear on the television my language is much worse, I have to stop myself throwing things at the television!

  9. Which "inflation" is relevant to people's lives?

    CPI, comparitive index, is the government's chosen index, which conveniently is lower than RPI.

    like the unemployment figures, inflation is whatever the government wants it to be.

  10. To all viewers from England who hate brexit , don't be sad or hate Scots who want to leave your " union". . In the end when we leave I think your country will wake up.

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