Trouble Brewing In Northern Ireland? SNP On A Roll? Italy Blocks Jabs Going To Oz!

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  1. Cooper you are on the wrong side being well off you can't determine what the N H S Should or shouldn't receive when life was on the line this tory outfit only looks after the well off you are from that genre slaps instead of claps .

  2. So if you vote Tory you get rewarded. They are not even bothering to hide it anymore. I hope Nicola comes out of this stronger than ever and Scotland become independent – Nicola and the SNP are the one thing Tories fear. So Arlene Foster is blaming the EU instead of who is really responsible – Bozo and Brexit. The DUP have no political power here – the Tories cannot breach the Good Friday Agreement as they will have the US and the EU to answer to. What a mess – yet Bozo still has a 13% lead in the polls. He lies without shame, just as Trump did. At least the US has got rid of Trump and the Cult Of Insanity. Bozo and Brexit are the UK's Cult Of Insanity.

  3. You asked for the response of a Tory voter, so let's hope you're brave enough to confront some of these issues.

    Yes, I do support the government's position regarding pay for NHS workers. Our economy is in a most fragile state, and with the spectre of rampant inflation breathing down our necks it would not be prudent to pursue populist policies of this kind. We all wish we could live in a world where our nurses, care-assistants and doctors are paid more money, but sadly we do not live in a perfect world and there are fiscal constraints placed upon the government, especially during an unprecedented economic crisis.

    The Tories were irresponsible to impose lockdown as quickly and harshly as they did in January, and unfortunately the unwitting majority will now be forced to pay for this colossal folly in lower incomes and poorer public services. It's unfair, but that's the stark reality I'm afraid. You can't always get what you want, and sometimes you must pay dearly for your mistakes.

    I myself have not used the NHS since my youth (I think it unjust to use the service when I can afford to go elsewhere), but I do have family members who work for the service (my father, for one, has been an NHS surgeon for over 25 years) and who have received treatment from dedicated and professional doctors and nurses. It would be nice if we had the money to pay them higher wages, but regrettably we just don't.

  4. Nobody is calling for his resignation but Sturgeon now is held to the highest moral standards. Why she should resign if this government in England is not held to the same standards?

  5. Tory boy D Ross (AKA DROSS) is a sad pathetic figure. As bad as his predecessor Jackson Carlaw. The Scottish tory party is represented at Scottish questions by Bozo Baroness Ruth Davidson who is also woefully inadequate when facing Nicola Sturgeon in debate and is shortly to leave to take up an unelected position in the House of Lords, yet acts as the tories mouthpiece in the Scottish Parliament as the tories currently regard her as possibly less embarrassing than Ross. If this is the best they can do and senior tories like Bozo, Moggy and slimy Gove are being sent to Scotland to campaign for the union in advance of the Scottish Parliamentary elections all I can say is bring on May 6th. Apart from a few traditional bastions and will hopefully be all but swept away on that day. Saor Alba.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  6. Patronage flows from bojo to his loyal subjects.
    He seams to forget about the Red Wall very quickly.
    Well lies are lies and the idiot north will be left at the table either forgotten or will just get the crumbs.
    The northers sold those vote very cheaply.
    Their forefathers must have been and continue to turn in their graves with the betrayal of their sons and daughters.

    Anyways the lion share if this fund will be going to the Tory home counties, Tory heartlands and or Brexit voting territories most likely.
    The Scots will obviously starve.

    This kind of politics is what one might find in Latin America or Africa. The Tories are slowly destroying this country from the inside out.
    The Brexit UK will not be a Singapore off the coast of Europe but one massive sweat shop. With the Tories laughing their head off.

    The UK population has been gaslit since the 80's by the Tories and their media owning mega rich bosses and donors to vote with a smile to seek tax cuts that promises to make you rich but it would take the average person on a average wage about 1000yrs to get rich on tax cuts that typically give a saving of £4-5 a wk.
    Whilst multimillionaires saves £100k's per annum.
    Utter farce.

  7. And the YOB'S (vote Yes On Bullshit) sit back and watch as little England with its eighth grade level Queen throws herself a Birthday parade to let the peasants bask in her person. The PM, arguably the most corrupt politician in English history doles out lunch money to the morons who think living is hitting the local pub and drinking till they puke. The world has moved on from your anachronistic system of governing. You are lost in BS and you just can't stop digging.

  8. To be fair BJ did say during the Ref campaign that Brexit meant leaving the SM & CU… However, he didn't expect to win the ref & he knows and always knew the result of leaving the EU, SM&CU would have to be eithier an Irish border or N I/ GB border…

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