travel day | moving across the world to walt disney world | crp 2022

its travel day! i have moved 4,000 miles across the pond to disney! in just a days time, i’ll make my move in to disney’s flamingo crossings village! this vlog consists of us three flying from dublin airport, directly to orlando international airport, and staying at marriott’s towneplace suites at flamingo crossings. the next day, we take a little walk over to flamingo crossings village west to see where we’ll be moving to!

i highly recommend TownePlace Suites to stay in (or SpringHill Suites) if moving into the DCP/CRP. hope you guys enjoy, see you soon for move-in day!

insta: stephens_journal
tiktok: stephensjournal



  1. It’s so exciting watching your videos, it feels like I’m there myself looking forward to tomorrow, when you get to see your new home! It’s about 11:20pm in England but I think you’ll have moved into your housing by now! I hope it’s lovely and you’re all settling in nicely!

  2. So pleased to hear you have been able to finally go back and complete your program! I followed along and watched your videos from your first program and was gutted for you when you were all sent home! I'll be over in Florida in October so I'll be sure to pop in the Rose and Crown and say hello!

  3. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see you all returning to Disney to complete your cultural program.
    Can’t wait to see all your new vlogs, and hopefully we’ll see you as we walk around Epcot this August and pop in for a pint!

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