TOP DATING ACCENTS! | New Zealand Has The Best Accent? Cap or Cappuccino? (4K)

In 2019, New Zealand was voted the worlds most sexiest accent, but by whom? This sends our 2 Pacific African’s into a journey to search for the truth of which accents are most desirable.

With New Zealand having some of best in Polynesian Ladies, we began to observe our on interests and bias on the variety and flavours of the world.

In 2007, New Zealand was also voted #1 for Most Promiscuous woman in the western world, but sleeping within friendship circles and Rate in 2016 as having the worst woman in the western world due to masculinity and feminism that keeps youth sexually active to keep up with the boys, thus translating into the adult life of perceived “independence”, and repeating the cycle in single-parent households.

World of Tinder in 2016 rated New Zealand woman as thinking they are empowered but are in fact more entitled and never satisfied. They rated the woman of Auckland as sub-par, constantly swiping left, incredibly average with a majority of the variety of old English descent.

Is New Zealand THE BEST? Lets find out..

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0:00 – Intro

02:21 – Today Topic

03:57 – What is a Kiwi Accent Sexy?

06:39 – Bogan Vibes

08:32 – Bloody Australians w/ Chopper

11:13 – Auntie Jacinda & Double Speak

13:53 – Who Voted for this?

15:52 – Sophia Vergara in Soul Plane

17:22 – French girl in Better Off Dead & Italians

18:21 – Bad Accents of Ireland & German, LOL

20:39 – Kelz & Deadass NY Girls

22:07 – Beautiful Woman & Accents

22:31 – Aries Spears on Global Accents

27:55 – Colonial Conclusion