Top 5 Takeaways From Big Ten Media Days | Michigan Podcast #203

Steve reveals his top 5 takeaways from Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh’s appearance at Big Ten media days, and why he’s optimistic heading into this season.






  2. Michigan needs to study the Coach Moeller era, in my opinion the best coach for Michigan thus far. If only Michigan hadn't been so arrogant to think they needed to fire him. He would've been an all time great given the opportunity.

  3. mu has no "modern history" the eked out one in twenty tries against TOSU! Now die vulvarines swear that they're in the same league as the Buckeyes!
    Knowing fully well that TOSU is the mirror in which they want to see themselves!!

  4. Great show as always!

    Concerning being born on 3rd and hitting triples….Harbaugh was right. Day didn’t build the Buckeye machine; he merely changed the oil and rotated the tires a few times. So strutting around and talking smack like he’s some Nick Saban is just ridiculous, and should have been called out.

    Harbaugh has a more distinguished football career than Day, and that’s just a fact. As a player, coach, and as an NFL player and coach, he’s had success at the highest levels. Day inherited a great program and managed to lose to Michigan within 2 games of taking over.

    Reality check….Had Ryan Day taken over a 5-7 Michigan team, would he have taken the program to the playoff?

    Had Harbaugh taken over for Urban Meyer, would Ohio State be on top?

    Impossible to know either for sure, but what we do know is that Jim Harbaugh has taken three losing teams from three different conferences to 10-win seasons and conference championships. He’s also taken an NFL team to the Super Bowl.

    Day has no such accomplishments. He took a winning program to a playoff and won a game, one year.

  5. As a Buckeye I would agree that Ryan Day inherited a great program, however Urban did not beat Clemson in two tries and his offense not nearly explosive as Day's offense. The two back to back thumping of TTUN are purely the product of that offense. Inherited good, and made it better. Enjoy it Steve because it's not going to last long. The Buckeyes have been clobbering TTUN in recruiting for a long time now and players win the games. Losing that much top flight NFL talent makes a big difference to a team that hasn't recruited equal replacements. Veterans beat a team full of freshmen and sophomores that hadn't played in the rivalry game, that does matter, now they have and will be uber motivated come November and even a maize and blue guy knows that Ohio State has more talent. We shall see.

  6. I don't see anything wrong with the 2 QB system it keeps teams on their heels. They did it with Brady and Henson. These 2 QBs are similar to those 2.

  7. So if NIL is a tax write off, is it possible I just go ahead and win the Powerball then write off the 300 million in taxes when I put it towards a Michigan football collective?

  8. When I moved to the Atlanta area during the 1982 college football season…. I continued to watch my favorite Michigan team University of Michigan Wolverines of 60 yrs and still due until this day. I HONEST HOPE IS THAT SOMEHOW UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA WILL GET PASSED ALABAMA AND WE'LL GET TO SEE THE B'DOGS IN A NATIONAL CHAMP SEMI AGAIN…go Blue 2023… I'LL BE THERE BECAUSE THE BUCKTARDS ARE GOING DOWN HARD in the illegitimately named false SHOE at home

  9. As a big MSU fan I've been where Deace is at. You have a handful of big names leaving your program and you rationalize how they'll be replaced. Well we had guys in he past so we'll have them in the future, oh but fans thought we shouldn't start Haskins so he's no big deal, yeah but even though Ojabo was good, we didn't know about him in August. It goes on and on. Next thing you know you're on the road at Iowa and you need a big play from one of those guys and it never comes.

    Michigan fans assume they'll be great again. Maybe… maybe not.

  10. Another Blue KoolAid gulping take. Almost as hilarious as little Desmond claiming UM has better WRs than OSU.
    Looking at the schedule I have losing @ Iowa, Penn St.,
    @ Rutgers (yes I said Rutgers) and a true stomping at Columbus.. time for order to be restored. That is why I think they will finish 8-4.
    Oh and Jimmy will try and bail on the UM Lemmings (after 2020 forfeit).
    Why??? Because Snake Oil Harbaugh cares only about himself. Never forget his big mouth while at Stanford…😂.

  11. I honestly can’t believe it’s July 29th 2022 and people are still saying Cade over JJ 😂 if this was Alabama guess what .. JJ would start, if this was Georgia guess what… JJ would start. “Cade is older” “Cade has been there” lol that mindset is weak. Go back and rewatch the games last year 😂 he was so averageeeeeee 🫠 but whatever , whoever starts go blueeeee 〽️

  12. I understand Steve trolling Mark with the join Michigan reference. When you're a Big 10 team that's gotten the luxury of beating Ohio State once every 15 years, you better rejoice that win for as long as you can.

  13. Steve if I may stray off the beaten path I want the new school president, SantaOno from dulling out the $paper of proposal sum of $25-$30, million dollars to overhauling the AthDept., by not resigning the current A.D., Warde Manuel & to scoop up the de-best rated in college sports. from the OU., A.D., Joe Castiglione like what you suggested, Steve. Excuse me for not following the flow of the show gentleman. GoBlue🤘🏼!

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