Top 10 Best Global Beers

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  1. what in the major sweaty hairy balls is being perpetrated here…. DOS EQUIS #10? whoever did this video is probably 10. TECATE ROJA #1 DOS EQUIS #2. What is this world coming to.

  2. Guiness is overrated. It's "fine" but nowhere near #1
    I was really suprised when I first had a Samuel Adams Lager last year. It's very hard to get in Germany, but a local themepark offers it. What a great beer !

  3. Damn…legendary Canadian masterbrewer John Molson must be punching his grave plot walls; established 1786 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, these beers are some of the finest in the world: Molson Canadian lager my favorite domestic; and surely the Aussies & Kiwis know how to brew some gems as well? Seems the Watch Mojo selection committee has been bribed again….just sayin', my 2 cents D.

  4. As a german I must say I‘m happy they didnt pick Krombacher, Bitburger or Paulaner. But Beck‘s is almost as bad of a choice… not even gonna lie. Germany has so much better beer to offer, such as Mönchshof (which by the way sells pretty good internationally as well) or Weihenstephan.

  5. None of these beers would crack my top 100 with the exeption of maybe Samuel Adams. Newcastle Brown used to be a great drink but since it was taken over by Heinekin it's awful. It's now brewed by John Smith's which is the just about worst English beer you can buy.

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