The UK Connection-AC/DC Favorite & Least Favorite Albums

Join Pete Pardo, Simon Bray, and Steven Reid for a discussion of their favorite & least favorite albums by hard rock legends AC/DC #acdc
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  1. My 2 favorites are Powerage and Blow Up Your Video. 2 least favorites are Stiff Upper Lip and Ballbreaker. My wild card is ‘74 Jailbreak. Sadly the only time I’ve seen the band is on the Ballbreaker tour. Seeing the songs live usually improve my thoughts on them but this one did not

  2. I’m real late to this . . I’m gonna pull a Catino—a “Pardo” is a mild change by comparison, lol.
    Bon Scott: 2 favorites- Powerage & Highway to Hell.
    Least: Australian High Voltage . . Can’t pick a second.
    Wild card: If You Want Blood, You’ve Got It.

    Brian Era: favorites are Back in Black and Ballbreaker.
    Least: Rock or Bust, Blow Up Your Video
    Wild Card: Stiff Upper Lip

  3. As a teen, It always bothered me that on the cover of "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," everyone but the dog had black lines across their faces, so I cut a piece of electrical tape and blacked out the dog's eyes as well.

  4. PETE: You had me at Flick Of The Switch, but lost me with your dismissal of Stiff Upper Lip. IMO, Stiff Upper Lip and Flick Of The Switch are the best (e.g., Yup, better than Back In Black) Brian Johnson led AC/DC albums. The first 8 tracks on SUL are quite good with 3 of those tracks (e.g., House Of Jazz, Safe In New York City, Satellite Blues) belonging in the Top 10 tracks of the post-Bon Scott era. The first 4 tracks of FOTS are quite possibly the best opening 4 tracks of any Brian Johnson led record.

  5. After Peter with Martin Popoff, this is my favourite SOT format; but it’s the humour here that makes it. Lots of good cheer, warm jokes and Pete is an excellent host. There is genuine camaraderie here…

  6. I thought you would start with the vast differences between pressings of the early albums. I thought Pete would be the only one with the international versions and the other 2 guys would be all about Albert originals. The international versions are the best, other than the messy leftovers of Jailbreak EP, but since they're an Australian band, the Albert versions are the go-to's. Same thing with Beatles and Stones – I go with the UK original versions. In America, there was a mall record chain that specialized in imports called Record World, they had the Albert versions a dollar cheaper than the American. I bought em new for 4.99 circa 81. I still need the Let There Be Rock with Crabsody in Blue. Should have bought duplicates cause those puppies go for over 100 now lol

  7. I have the 2 Highway to Hell singles with the live Bonnie intro, but Highway to Hell is a brilliant brilliant album. Powerage and High Voltage.

  8. My favourites are Powerage and Back In Black (predictable I know but they are AWESOME!). Least favourites are Fly on the Wall and For Those about to Rock. My wild card is Stiff Upper Lip, brilliantly produced with some stomping tracks. The greatest filthy blues based rock and roll band in the world.

  9. Where to start with one of the bands that started it for me, and were the first band I ever saw live, headlining at least…?
    Well, my favourites I suppose, Powerage and Highway to Hell. Back in Black was runner up, I must say.
    Least favourites, well, like all 3 of you, it could have been any two of that 90's era of 'Meh' releases, but I wrote down Blow Up Your Video and Ballbreaker before I listened, and I'll stick with those
    Wildcard? Any of the live ones, maybe? I nearly went for Live From Atlantic Studios but I decided to do a Simon, cheat and pick 2. Their first, High Voltage, my Aussie vinyl with dog weeing on the generator, and their last, PowerUp, as its so damn good and doesn't outstay its welcome like Black Ice.
    There, done. Thanks chaps, brilliant as usual…

  10. just to be contrarian, Blow Up Your Video is the first cassette I bought with my own money and holds a holy place in my heart and my collection! cheers

  11. Great show I agree with Highway to Hell and Back and Black but unlike you guys I still listen to ACDC often especially Back and Black and the Bon Stuff.I also like Flick of the Switch the Razors Edge and Ball Breaker some of For those about to rock and a few Brian songs here and there.

  12. UK comedy police – don't ever mix your Enfield and Fast Show quotes 😁. I would have Powerage in the top 2 (with Back in Black a given). The problem I have with them after FTATR is that there are usually 2 or 3 great songs but the rest are forgettable. Riffs aren't the issue it's finding the melody over the top that must be a massive challenge for them. What I would say is that live they have been consistent across the decades, bar the extended solo in Let There Be Rock, every show is 2 hours of pure rock and roll perfection and for that they have to be applauded. Good show as ever chaps.

  13. "Bonfire" is really the only release that had the outtakes. I think the only other ephemera is the live version of "T.N.T." that was the b-side (I think) of "For Those About to Rock, We Salute You" and "Big Gun" from the "Last Action Hero" soundtrack. "Big Gun" hasn't been on any official AC/DC album.

  14. AC/DC Fav album ever: If You Want Blood . Dirty Deeds, Powerage, High Voltage would follow.
    Less favourites: any of their albums barked by Brian Johnson, with the only exception of Highway to hell, which clearly suffers from over-production, but it's ok anyway. It's not the singer, but the band's approach to rock-'n'-roll.

  15. Favourites Powerage & Highway to Hell.
    Least favourites Fly on the Wall and Stiff Upper Lip.

    Totally agree with Steven about Jailbreak – fantastic song. Couldn’t disagree more about Flick of the Switch though – possibly my favourite Brian album and, for that reason, would be my wild card

  16. My favourites 1. Flick of The switch 2. Highway to Hell Least favourites-any of the albums from Ballbreaker to Power Up-its hard to find a likeable song let alone a good album from these -you might be able to find 10 songs that are decent

  17. Hey Pete, please listen all your (and yours) choices in the comments like you used to for us 24-7 workers that don't unfortunately have time to listen to all your episodes from beginning to end. Thanks man!

  18. Great analysis , my favourite two no surprises being Highway To Hell , one of the first 10 albums I brought, along with Back In Black. Still remember going to the end of year school disco, headbanging to live version of Whole lotta Rosie. What is interesting is that While I have all AC/DC albums the last two are still sealed, brought them but never played them, maybe a topic for a future show, albums brought but never played, I got many in the collection

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