The Noble Gas Project | Siphon Brewing

The Noble Gas Project is a series of six special beers produced for a six-pack to celebrate the third birthday of Siphon Brewing on 29 June 2019 in Damme.

Each of the six different beers is brewed in collaboration with one Belgian brewery and one international brewery.

In the right hands, the six noble gases are a powerful source of light, bringing illumination and colour to people’s lives.

We want The Noble Gas Project to shine a light on the values that make us excited about beer: Belgian tradition, international influence, collaborative learning and being unafraid.

Our Belgian and international friends bring a diverse identity to this project, with a range of traditional and contemporary breweries respected for producing both classic and modern beers.

The beers and collaborating breweries are as follows:

HELIUM (Wheat Peach Sour, 5%) — Siphon // Blaugies // Tempel

ARGON (Hoppy Spéciale Belge, 6%) — Siphon // De Ryck // Kaapse

KRYPTON (Blood Orange Weissbier, 6%) — Siphon // Contreras // White Frontier

NEON (Brut IPA, 7%) — Siphon // L’Ermitage // Garage

RADON (Belgian Nut Brown Mild, 4%) — Siphon // Omer Vander Ghinste // Fuller’s

XENON (Smoked Porter, 7%) — Siphon // Dochter van de Korenaar // Galway Bay

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