The Jordan B. Peterson – Cometh the Horsemen- Pandemic, Famine, War

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Join intellectual phenomenon Dr. Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila for enlightening discourse that will change the way you think. This podcast breaks down the dichotomy of life through interviews and lectures that explain how individuals and culture are shaped by values, music, religion, and beyond. It will give you a new perspective and a modern understanding of your creativity, competence, and personality.
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  1. Communism is the enemy to Zion! Apocalypse is the result! No one is talking about the real problems! We talk about the results or symptoms of the real problems! What is the real cause of poverty? What is the real cause of disease? What is the real cause of so called Climate Change? The UN "Sustainable Development Act" sounds real good, but who is behind it? Why are we not talking about Geo – Engineering and it's effects? Are the fires, floods, droughts natural or is the climate being used as a weapon of war? Was the Pandemic real? Why is disease perpetuated? Have there been cures all along? Who's responsible for poverty? Is it right to have more than your brother? Who's causing the great divisions? Can we become one?

  2. The minus 1.2 billion people is the best case scenario. Famine creates not only more famine, but cannibalism and armed conflicts as well. Finally, a massive migration comes, and that can only be stopped by fire opened by the destination countries' armies. This will be nasty. I am so sorry, but I just cannot say anything else.

  3. Bret Weinstein said it is time to rush the cockpit. We can take this and we CAN turn this plane around IF WE ACT. A dozen-ish individuals, holistic representation provided by synchronous good will, courage and unblinking resolve: Jordan, Simon, Tulsi, Michael, Jon Stewart, Sadhguru, Chief Oren and I won't pretend to say I know who else. Or an entirely different sampling; it is the coming together of humans who have acquired enough knowledge, experience, wisdom and scar tissue as to be equal to the challenge of the moment. Jiu jitsuing the arch of humanity away from the non -human organizing bodies, conscience lacking organizations such as government, big business, big pharma, big money…we CAN do this if we decide and act as one organism.
    I know of whence I speak because I made fear the architect of my life and then denied my folly and misery with the white knuckle resolve of my working poor upbringing while smiling and nodding, making beauty and function everywhere possible. Smart, hilarious and kind grown sons of good character and will. No world for them. Or any of them. So many kids I've prepared for a world that existed only in my imaginings.
    What use is their clear eyed potential and what virtue in generational dysfunction reversal when the world has tilted toward the hell I spent my life and vitality disentangling from?
    Moral certainty. Conviction and hard-learned humility. The wisdom of millennia. The labor of our hands and the miraculous nature of human collaboration. Right. Might. All the power in the universe is available to the righteous. If this south king county, former hood-rat can work free of shame and self-sabotage so as to see and to CARE like I know it's my life on the line, my childrens' future and finally understand that we are all precious pixels in one developing story board, we are in fact one organism and we feel each other every second.
    We were led astray and cast adrift but we can come together and when we do we transcend the laws of man. Uncompromising love for the whole messy business of being and being together. This is our salvation.
    Perhaps we start today.

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