The Bizarre And Surprising Coffee Of The Nespresso Vertuo

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I hadn’t heard much discussion over this particular technology so this video takes a look at what is involved and what makes it unusual.

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  1. On the weekend I brew my own coffee and try different styles and types of beans ( sweeter usually and pour over, french press) . But during the work week, I love using the nespresso. Its so fast to get a pretty cool cup of coffee.

  2. I love the vertuo. It is convenient, but more so the coffee is CONSISTENTLY good. Not great, but using distilled water and the lighter espresso it is acceptable for a one cup a day guy.

  3. I like my Vertuo but its getting old, it be nice to buy coffee form more than them…….. Also sometime they hit a flavor out of the park and supplies sell out in 1 week and they don't bring it back like every. Its a very love hate relationship that over time becomes more hate!

  4. By the end of the clip James becomes more agitated and seem a bit stressed… he talks faster and faster… Is it the foam of the coffee or the fluffiness ? Conclusion : less fluffiness is better? I still wonder.

  5. It's all about convenience. Of course i can use a blender to get the foam but do you want to do all that every morning? You pay for the convenience. With your thinking, I would never go out to eat and I would never buy any clothes because I could have cooked myself and sewed my own clothes. It's interesting to see nonetheless but your conclusion is a bit far-fetched.

  6. Worst coffee and Expresso I’ve ever tasted. Expensive, pod waste and awful. Hilarious 😂. Owned as a gift. Bought the pods, couldn’t drink. Put on the curb. Bye bye.

  7. For me, this is yet another PR stunt to introduce the (rather unsuccessful) marketing model of locking you with their consumables. Just like Keurig's failed attempt to "DRM" their pods, and just like printer vendors keep trying to stop you from using 3rd party ink… What a shame…
    (Exactly as you said at the end)

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