The Best Espresso Machines Under £100

This was heavily requested, and to be honest – it was a pretty interesting experiment.
If Patrons don’t want the other machines then I will be donating them to charity locally (and safely).

Here are links the machines (note: these are affiliate links)
Swan Retro:
Amazon Basics:
Andrew James:

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  1. I think if you have Kick and don‘t buy a new one you could have a good one for the begin. But you Must change the filter and so on. Than you got a good Espresso

  2. So, can we get a bit more inputs on how these 5 machines were chosen for the ranking? Are they top sellers? Maybe top rated? Or is it a random list? I think the starting point is quite important to pick the best one under £100

    P.S. I have a similar DeLonghi and enjoy it every morning

  3. Darn! The model delonghi you have is an EC146, which is sold as the EX155 in the USA, and it’s pressurized – I was able to find a table describing all the differences, for the US market, delonghi exclusively sells pressurized basket wands and swapping them doesn’t work as one would expect, the machines behave differently. There’s some guides to make them work but it’s a crap shoot.

  4. I purchased a DeLongi a few weeks ago, just to put myself through the process of espresso making, and to see if it's a process I want to go through every morning. I love the process of making espresso drinks in the morning, as it turns out, but I do not like the DeLongi particularly. This version came with a pressurized porta filter, and I'm looking to see if I can modify it like you did for the $500 video. I'll probably ride this machine out for the next half year or so, see how far I can take it, and then pick up a machine closer to the $1000 range.

  5. I’ve got the cookworks espresso machine and it has the same basket and portafilter as the Swann. I’ve found the only coffee that works for it and tastes ok is the lavazza qualita rossa, I get a sweet and kind of chocolate nutty flavour which is ideal. Everything else either under or over extracts. Also the cookworks one drip tray doesn’t take all the water properly so it tends to leak onto the side and make a mess. You have to buy the single 51mm basket for the Swann off Amazon to go into the portafilter as well which is another £10.

    I use 15g of beans for a double and 8 for a single. I’m going to upgrade my machine soon as I only got it so I could start making espresso but it’s sort of served it’s purpose now and I’ve outgrown it

  6. If you are looking just for something drinkable, I assure you grading coffee with rocks and milking it with wipes is still drinkable to me.. enjoyable? Probabably not.. it ll grow on me eventually xd

  7. How much would you suggest spending? I feel as though spending anymore than like 300$ for me wouldn't be worth it just due to how often I'd use it. So what would you suggest? Any advice?

  8. hahah include me, now im so frustrated with my espresso machine.. pressurized portafilter… hard to steam milk.. 😩 need to upgrade , because almost every morning i love to sip latte…

  9. Pressurised portafilters, I have had them and they were only pressurised with coarse ground coffee. Run the machine with an empty portafilter for the same time you take to pull a shot and compare the weight of water versus a shot. If the weight of water is greater, then it is not pressurised with that grind. That is, the restriction in the coffee bed is greater than that created by the pinhole.

  10. I have one of the machines and it's the krups one. For me it works great. I have no issues. Great coffee everytime. It's not too quality like at the coffee house. But it's good for home coffee setup

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