Tap Social Movement – Brewing Social Justice

Tap Social Movement. a local craft brewery in Oxford, England, is helping convicts to learn job skills and reintegrate into society as they complete their prison sentences. We had the opportunity to speak with some of the men who are using this opportunity to improve their lives. We should mention that 20 men have gone… Continue reading Tap Social Movement – Brewing Social Justice

Brewing Espresso on the Linea Mini

It takes just a few steps to set up the Linea Mini and the Lux D to brew the perfect espresso. Do you want a Linea Mini? Click on this link and become the greatest barista of the world! Where are you from? AUSTRALIA https://au.lamarzoccohome.com/product/linea-mini-2/ CHINA http://cn.lamarzoccohome.com/product/linea-mini/ GERMANY http://de.lamarzoccohome.com/shop/linea-mini/ IRELAND http://uk.lamarzoccohome.com/product/linea-mini/ ITALY https://international.lamarzoccohome.com/it/prodotto/linea-mini/ KOREA https://kr.lamarzoccohome.com/product/linea-mini/… Continue reading Brewing Espresso on the Linea Mini

The Noble Gas Project | Siphon Brewing

The Noble Gas Project is a series of six special beers produced for a six-pack to celebrate the third birthday of Siphon Brewing on 29 June 2019 in Damme. Each of the six different beers is brewed in collaboration with one Belgian brewery and one international brewery. In the right hands, the six noble gases… Continue reading The Noble Gas Project | Siphon Brewing

Rascals Brewing Company (Ireland) – Comparing 3 of their beers.

Good beers these guy’s from Ireland make indeed. You see they are realy influenced by the German culture using German hops and German words on their cans. Home source