#92 Melanie Phelan | Site-1 Brewing

Melanie Phelan was probably party involved in the creation of Site-1 Brewing (you’ll get it once you watch the episode). Melanie and her crew at Site-1 Brewing have taken off as one of the newest breweries in Nebraska! Based out of Omaha, SIte-1’s unique business plan allows them to expand their craft to infinity and… Continue reading #92 Melanie Phelan | Site-1 Brewing

The Hustle – Western Herd Brewing Company

Kehlan travels to Kilmaley, Co. Clare, Ireland to talk with Michael Eustace from Western Herd Brewing Company. Starting using the old family farm as a base for brewing, Western Herd is quickly getting a reputation for fine craft beer. Michael talks about starting the brewery and developing the brand through taste. source