St Mels Brewing Co. Symbiobeer Project No.1 – Belgian Style Golden Ale 8.1% ABV. Review

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The Hustle – Western Herd Brewing Company

Kehlan travels to Kilmaley, Co. Clare, Ireland to talk with Michael Eustace from Western Herd Brewing Company. Starting using the old family farm as a base for brewing, Western Herd is quickly getting a reputation for fine craft beer. Michael talks about starting the brewery and developing the brand through taste. source

You’ve Been Pouring Guinness All Wrong

Ordering a Guinness on drafts takes longer than most other beers. Part of the reason is the gas used to carbonate it: nitrogen. William Lee, a professor of Industrial Mathematics at the University of Huddersfield, discovered that the specially-designed Guinness pint glass causes the bubbles to sink. This increases the wait time for the beer… Continue reading You’ve Been Pouring Guinness All Wrong