Sweet Transit 1 – SWEDISH TRAIN STORY – (Early Access) First Look, Let's Play, Anno + TTD

Sweet Transit, developed by solo dev Ernestas Norvaišas, (of Factorio fame), combines the train glory of Factorio with a bit of city building similar to Anno.

Buy on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1612770/Sweet_Transit/

A huge thank you to Team17 Digital for providing me with a game key!

Release Date: 28 July 2022

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About Sweet Transit:
Sweet Transit is a unique city builder where the railway is king and trains are the sole means of expansion and transportation. Create intricate production lines and grow humble villages into thriving metropolises while moving through prime eras such as the introduction of steam power and the invention of the combustion engine. Become a pioneer of industry and work to keep your citizens happy through the interconnected world of the railway.

Expansive Train-Led City Builder
From a single warehouse, build a thriving interconnected world of villages and cities as you expand your rail network and evolve your society.

Vastly Customisable Railway Networking
Connect your settlements to ensure a painless transit for workers and civilians using platforms, stations and intricate routes to expand and link together your network.

Evolve Your Industry – From Steam to Diesel
Plan your settlements to fit both the landscape and needs of your citizens. Create basic and advanced production lines to ensure the most economical movement of resources. Take advantage of the mighty railway to automate production and meet ever-growing needs of your settlements.

Be a Person of the People
Your citizens have needs and get tired as they work. It’s important that you maintain their happiness and requirements by ensuring they have accommodation, water, food and more as you scale up your cities. Unhappy or tired workers are less productive and will be detrimental to your production lines.

Day One Mod Support
Sweet Transit features full mod support from day one, allowing you to create custom content for the game as you please. Steam Workshop support is fully integrated with the title allowing for ease of access to the modding community.




  1. I appreciate your tutorials and Let's Plays very much, and I – as a veteran gamer – have learned a lot from you. I am also aware that this is not a tutorial type video but just first impressions. Anyway sometimes I wish you Youtubers first made yourself familiar with a few basic concepts of a new game rather than heading towards being the first one publishing. In this video you mix up the concepts of trains, train presets, and routes, in a way that creates more confusion than it explains. This is proven by the fact that you name your train presets after locations and goods, which they have nothing to do with. Admittedly a still inconsistent UI also adds to it. A train preset could be named after the wagon type (and perhaps length), e.g., "Box wagons 5", and as such could be re-used for different goods and locations. A train is created from a preset and has a route, which defines the freight type and source/destination. The route can be assigned during the creation process and/or changed later, while the train name can only be set afterwards in a separate step.

    The game is in a very early state and has quite a few shortcomings, e.g., setting the train name can easily be forgotten, and leads to default names like Train1,2,3, rather than sensible names like "Tullinge coal 1" or similar. Another shortcoming is the fact that trains cannot be modified without modifying the preset or creating a new one. This is one of the many things that should be fixed soon. To mention one nice thing that is not explained in the tutorials but that I found out by accident: You can rearrange wagons during train preset editing just using drag and drop, so replacing a locomotive is very easy!

  2. "Helloo, hii~ii, how'y'doin'? How'y'doin', train, yo yo yo!"

    As long as I've known of her KOS has had an… interesting… relationship with trains. Rather understandable, though: they are big and fast and powerful.


  3. I imagine the UI is not optimized for gamers, but for devs, I am not a dev but I am sure they prefer a different setup and makes what is familiar to them and coding.

  4. Love Anno 1800 and like Dyson, never played factorio. I also love games like Banished Patron and can't wait to try Farthest frontier releases next week for us non-streamers 😛 I might def give this a try, ah see it's out already now on steam. Katherine, I love your passion for UI's this is important for me too in any building-style game.

  5. So, the purpose of template is to build a generic train… Like S10-Tender-5Gondala.. And save it that way. Then you can choose that any time you need a 5 gondola car train. That way, one template can do many trains for different places.

  6. Just started this and I love it. You help me get over some things I do not understand. Thus, please allow me to offer one little thing as an explanation: the preset of the train is not meant to be what line you want it to work for. That is why you have the line assignment in the preset window. The preset name is "Coal" or "Coal with tender" or "Passengers and one coal" etc. Then you can pick the preset you want and assign it to the line you want, both actions being separate but working together. Maybe you want to test a line with or without tender, so two different presets for one line. Or anything else you might want to do 🙂 Hope this helps; and now I'll go on watching the entire playlist 🙂

  7. Once upon a time i dozed off to one of your videos because i was exhausted and your voice was relaxing, and somehow I've managed to condition myself so i literally cant get through a single one without falling asleep :'D i keep coming back because they're so good though lol

  8. Hi KoS, I have purchased a copy based on watching you play. I love these types of game especially anything with Trains. Hope you and your kitties are keeping happy and well x

  9. I fell like most of the UI Weirdness, especially regarding the Trains is taken from one of the earliest Games of this Type, Transport Tycoon. It has a very similar approach to the Stations and the train building.

  10. The game seems good, though they appear to have slightly altered the seed already which is frustrating. My coal mine is 10-12 tiles off meaning I can't play along 🙁

  11. The auto signal placement does work, you don't see all of the signals at once. You drag to the position where you want the 1st signal, and the game calculates that gap distance, so that when you click to place it then sets the other signals with that gap distance. You will see all of the signals after you have placed the 1st one. I learned that with the demo – yes, it's confusing.

  12. Oh man you sound so aggravated in this video. at least in the first first 10 minutes or so. But you labeled this "1" so I'm guessing the game grows on ya. Really interested in this one.

  13. so you get a game that is in early access and you complain about certain things that don't work so you know in advance that some things won't work so really you can't complain and you shouldn't buy the game so be happy

  14. The level of frustration you seem to have for an EA game seems a bit misplaced. It's in EA. Instead of having such frustration over something in the game, just leave a Post in their forums and suggest these changes.

    Probably the most frustrating video to watch. It's an EA game. Treat it like one.

  15. i tried the demo that was out some time ago (now it's not on steam anymore for some reason).. I got tired pretty soon, part of it was the UI that was more of an obstacle than rocks on the map.

  16. Enjoying the content, thank you for always providing something interesting to watch! This is so small and it is probably just me who cares, but I miss the piano end music <3

  17. speaking of things that could maybe be combined, I notice (if I understood what the game made you do) that to build the sawmill it has to be in the forest, then you…build the forest? It's already in a forest. Was it the same with the coal but I wasn't paying attention?

  18. The game lost me, after you build a sawmill in a forest you have to place trees. that is nuts. What next? build a fisherhouse and create a sea with fish?

    Nether the less one question. Can i tell the train to wait at a station until it is full or couple of minutes like in factorio?

  19. Hey Kath! There's a setting called "Problems" and its set to "All". That's why you're having issues with the game. lolz

    Side note, I've noticed that the less censored and more brutal KoS is with her reviews, the more fun she wants to have, but xyz bug is in the way of her fun. Holy Fuzzy Cats is that not acceptable. The fun Must BE HAD! ;D

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