Supermarket Instant Coffee – Which One Tastes Best?

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0:00 Intro
2:08 How the tests will work
3:16 Round 1
8:02 Round 2 (Final 16)
10:58 Round 3 (Final 8)
11:56 Round 4 (Semi Finals)
12:18 Finals Round
13:12 Discussing the winner

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  1. James I'd love to get your thoughts on Starbucks Via instant. I love great coffee when I'm in civilization (usually Aeropress at home) but when I go backpacking, it's just not worth the weight and fuss to brew real coffee, so I choke down instant. I haven't tried many besides Via, which comes in convenient single-serve packs. Curious how it stacks up to these.

  2. I love how thrilled he is that he's finally – FINALLY – nearing the finish line with the insta-nasty, lol. Would love to see him do the endurance-sport that would be instant DECAF coffee! Ha! Nah, he seems like too nice a guy to inflict with that sort of torture.

  3. I like Littles coffee. When I don't want to grind anything I make a sweet thing from some of their flavoured instant. More like an instant "coffee drink" rather than actual coffee

  4. Like many I used to drink instant sometimes but didn't really like it. There's only one I actually ever found passable, it was Kenco Peruvian and naturally, was discontinued.

    I absolutely cannot stand instant any more and hate how inconsistent commonly roasted coffee beans are, which I think is down to how fresh they are. If they were roasted recently, they usually taste okay but if its been a few months (god forbid, some claim a best before of a year since roasting) then it starts to bitter.

    Last year I tried a local roastery and my goodness the difference. Unfortunately all their coffees are a bit too sweet for my liking so I'm still on a search for somewhere that roasts to order a bean that suits my tastes. Its made more complicated by the fact the other person in the house has a completely opposite preference, so trying to find some middle ground.

  5. Any test of instant coffee should include powdered artificial creamer for the full real-world experience.
    For what it’s worth, the worst I’ve ever had was from a malfunctioning vending machine that added bad instant tea to the coffee.

    If you can find a partner with freeze-drying equipment, it would be interesting to see if you can make a better instant coffee.

  6. I've been drinking instant coffee for over 50 years, prefer it to ground , although I enjoy a cup from my local cafe.
    It's always been Nescafe, will always be Nescafe

  7. I sometimes use illy beans for espresso and they do have a very chocolate-esque flavor. I’m surprised the instant version does as well

  8. My tolerance of instant coffee depends on where I am. I spent a jet-lagged week in Tokyo, waking up at 3am every morning and craving caffeine. There was a jar of Nescafé in the kitchen, and under the circumstances, it was good enough.

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