1. We know exactly when St James's Gate was demolished. In 1733 Dublin Corporation decided that the building that sat on top of St James's Gate had become too dilapidated, and the whole gate should be pulled down. The following year, 1734, Paul Espinasse, who had been leasing the St James's Gate brewery from the Rainsford family since 1715, stepped forward and offered to demolish the gate at his own expense, and give a foot of ground to widen the passage where Thomas Street met St James's Street, provided he was allowed to keep the stones and other building materials from the demolished gate for his own use, a proposal the corporation happily accepted as saving it the expense of itself demolishing the gate. See Lady Rosa Mulholland Gilbert, ed, Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin in the Possession of the Municipal Corporation of that City, vol IX, Dublin, Ireland, 1902, pp138-9

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