Starting a new Brewery – Our Brewery at Geterbrewed

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Our brewery is a new project for the team at Geterbrewed, we co founded a brewery in 2014 and we moved away from that last year, this year we are starting a brand new brewery project and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey


We are awaiting all the relevant approvals before you’ll see our beers go into production but we appreciate you joining us now and thankyou for supporting your local breweries , hoping to bring you some awesome beers in 2022

For the HOME BREWERS, we have a huge selection of the best ingredients and brewing equipment for all levels from Extract to All Grain Brewing available on our website with Express Worldwide shipping:

For the MICRO BREWERIES, our purpose built warehouse and storage facilities ensure that you get the finest and freshest ingredients backed up by great customer care, expertise and a genuine love for brewing.



  1. Class, looking forward to see what you guys do! I've been meaning to get back into home-brew again, so this might give me the kick I need – you should defo do beginner home-brew days πŸ™‚

  2. So glad you are taking this exciting step. You deserve all the support in the world. So looking forward to sampling the new beers and what comes out of the Foeders.

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