Starbucks vs Tim Hortons Vanilla Cream Cold Brew Battle

Starbucks and Tim Hortons vanilla cream cold brew’s are available and we’re stacking them head to head to see which resto brings the best drink! Can Tim Hortons take down Starbucks? Join us for a battle of epic proportions.

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All opinions expressed in this video are our own, and are for entertainment purposes only.



  1. Cold foam cream at Starbucks is made with whole milk not cream… it is just whipped. Check copycat how to make Starbucks cold foam cream . That is likely why there is a difference in calories

  2. “Velvety and smooth” “oooomph” these are ways I have been labeled before. I appreciate Tim Hortons price point. But less watery and less calories? I like the sound of that. I appreciate your honesty, you voted against your home team. Another superb video!

  3. Well I do have $$ on my Starbucks app to use, so will be trying the Starbucks Vanilla Cream Cold Brew. Have had the Timmies one and it’s good, but the Starbucks is less calories and more sweet. Love my coffee sweet. Awesome VS vid, guys!! 😃😎

  4. Well you know how I’m not into wasting calories on drinks but the Starbucks drink may, just may, sway my calorie disbursement routine 😂 Great review as usual 👍

  5. Odd that they are so close in taste but so far apart in calories. I must be the only person that has been to a Starbucks and not had anything with coffee in it. Great review though

  6. I love the maple leaf on the cup 🍁👏👏 both are delicious but WOW the calorie difference daaaamn!!! Also I do prefer creamier drinks so I’d vote for Starbucks too. Thanks you guys!! 👏👏🙏🙏😃😃👍👍

  7. Great editing, Tripsters. Funny watching this one after the unedited. Mrs. Wartkins loves Starbucks, but I'm holding out for the Tim Horton's whenever we can get up there!

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