RINGS OF POWER 1×4 REACTION!! Episode 4 Review | Lord Of The Rings

SAURON RETURNS AS A DARK ELF?? Best Episode Yet with Lord Of The Rings The Rings Of Power Episode 4 Reaction, Recap, Breakdown, &!Review as Queen Regent Míriel’s faith is tested in her negotiations with Galadriel; Isildur finds himself at a crossroads; Durin shares a secret discovery with Elrond; Arondir is given an ultimatum by a mysterious figure (Sauron?!); and Theo disobeys Bronwyn only to find himself surrounded by orcs…
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  1. That singing during Arondir's flight through the forest merging in to the chorus/prayer being offered under the mountain at Kaz was a cool moment. It becameso powerful in that transition, for the viewer and the characters. Very nice way to do it.

  2. Tbh, I’m more invested in the mystery and how the story goes than the characters. For some reason, I can’t find myself caring about the characters in the show. I don’t know if it’s the writing or if there are too many of them.

  3. How people like this episode is beyond me. I think this was the worst episode so far. They just keep introducing more characters when they need to develope the ones we already have. 1 billion dollars wasted.

  4. Halbrand's speech in the jail cell specifically alludes to how Sauron later ensnares others with the Rings. Either he's Sauron or this is an intentional red herring for the audience.

  5. Nice to observe how group thinking influencing people to nitpick and whine about literally everything („RoP is baaad, mkkkkay?”) is starting to disappear with time 😉 Honestly, I don’t think ep. 4 was any „better” than previous episodes – I find them all equally great. They just play different roles in an overall, really long and complex story. Comparing them like people do is like reviewing LoTR books chapter by chapter (damn, this fourth chapter was much better than the first one, boring like hell… ;)). Nevertheless dialogues or narrative are not aby better in this one in comparison to previous one: it just seems to me that you are starting to perceive things more differently because the story is leading us in more „comfortable” places: the board is already set so they can do more character building now.

  6. John is right, Sauron would send storms and clouds ahead of his troops to blot out the sun and even when the island actually goes, there is a feeling of shadow overtaking everything

  7. I really hope Adar is not Sauron, it would feel very lazy to me to have him be such an obvious bad guy character from the start… I am still convinced "Diet-Aragorn" Halbrand is Sauron… this episode he literally said: identify what your opponent most fear, then give them a means of mastering it SO YOU CAN MASTER THEM. I mean come on!

  8. I liked the other episodes, but I really enjoyed this one the dwarf scenes almost made me tear up a bit but, the way the seeing eye breaks into a memory reminds me of how the memory's break in shadow of war where you have to collect different shards in the game

  9. To be honest, they might just play it straight with Adar being Sauron but I kind of want them to do a mislead and have either halbrand be Sauron or Theo become him by being taken over by the blade.

  10. I usually prefer when a show has only one episode a week rather than get dumped all at once. Now I think this particular show would benefit from a more condensed release strategy. Most of the issues people had in the earlier episodes were there on purpose, and now we get to enjoy the dramatic tention that this flaws and mistakes create. Flaws and mistakes of the characters, not the creators.

  11. Hey Guys, im loving this show too, episode 3 was my favourite, with the Elf, Orc action and drama was excellent and Nori and Poppy trying to steel the page from the book i laughed like crazy…I know people that watch this show but have problems with it being too slow, i dont agree personally. In being Iris a lot of people i know hate the bad Irish accents of the Hardfoots mostly being played by Brits, they are not great but i dont care as its a fictional world. I like how we now have some interestering characters to really follow, my favourites in order are Arondir, Durrin, Galadriel, Nori and Poppy and Elrond..Greg great scottish accent though, u realy have that Durrin accent down…

  12. After 4+ hours of showtime, I counted 24 named characters…
    10 Tolkien characters and
    14 Amazon characters

    The 10 Tolkien characters are butchered and not like their book counterparts at all – maybe with the exception of King Durin III. I’m just angry about that. What a waste of Tolkien’s creativity as source material. 🤬🤬🤬

    The 14 Amazon characters are not well developed at all – with the exception of Disa and Nori. The other 12 are either purposefully kept a mystery (Adar, Halbrand, & The Stranger) or not written with any depth.

  13. The show might have commited a huge blunder…

    One of the scenes with Halbrant and Galadriel in the cells:
    Halbrant says:

    "Give them a means of mastering it. So that you can master them."

    Halbrant is Sauron.🤫

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