Odell Brewing Drumroll IPA Beer Review – Irish Eyes are Smiling – Beer Fest Las Vegas

Odell Brewing Drumroll IPA Beer Review


Check out Grand Canyon Brewing!!!!

Acoustic Guitar Cover — Irish Eyes are Smiling

BeerFest Las Vegas — Downtown Summerlin

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  1. Great bloopers… I missed a couple of videos need to catch up… I have been out of sync since my last trip. anyway great video loved the little glass did you use the same one for all the beers. I guess it would not matter by the end but wouldn't it kill the flavors mixing them all. and the song cover was great.

  2. Happy Saint Patrick’s day bud!! I absolutely love Odell‘s beer I have not had their beer in so long it’s like they don’t sell it here in Oregon I don’t know what’s going on

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