NEW DUNKIN" DONUTS Shamrock Macchiato, Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew, Chocolate Croissant

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  1. Working at dunkin can be fun depending on the day I currently work at the busiest dunkin in Ohio we have customers nonstop

  2. I worked at dunkin! It’s not fun at all and I think all my shitty coworkers would agree. Baking is done overnight when everyone is sleeping so the hours suck but customer service and lack of training made the job, the absolute worst.

  3. I like the chocolate croissant. Also the salted caramel. Didn't try the Irish cream yet. Try Starbucks chocolate croissant 🥐 and Panera if you have one. Compare the difference.

  4. I tried the Shamrock Oreo shake at McDonald's the other day and it was delicious and I am like you, not a mint lover but it was so good! Not real minty!

  5. Good morning Meagan happy Friday morning and I just wanted to say that your vlogs is sooo good yessss I loved your channel girl because you are sweetheart and you are amazing vibe and these donuts are so beautiful

  6. You need to stop drinking coffee for at least a month (maybe 2) to rest your tolerance. The longer you go without caffeine, the more you'll re-sensitize yourself.

  7. the shamrock macchiato is not appetizing at all!
    I haven’t tried it and I never will because
    I have tried the shamrock shake from McDonald’s and it tastes like medicine!
    so the shamrock macchiato is completely similar to the shamrock shake just it’s in a macchiato! 😳😳😳😳

  8. I do have an espresso machine from Breville while it did cost a pretty penny it has paid for itself with my family all drinking at least one coffee per day from it. I like to use Peets Major coffee. So so yummy. I get the coffee beans delivered from Sam’s club. They have super fast shipping and great price. Now don’t let this all fool ya…i still get my McDonald’s sugarfree vanilla latte each morning while I’m driving. 😉🙂. But the drinks i make in the machine are awesome too. I have had keurig and nespresso but never could get the strength i like

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