MPs debate proposals in Queen's speech to tackle cost of living – watch live

MPs are to discuss the government’s plan to tackle the cost of living crisis as outlined in the Queen’s speech at the state opening of parliament

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  1. I asked 2 speak 2 Boris Johnson & I was rudely assisted by the operator hanging up on me 5 times I called 2 reach him . I decided 2 write & still have not received an answer

  2. £150 cash and a £200 loan will be given to the public but £100's millions was given to Tory MP's friends and donors by VIP contracts. The public will not have a problem if the Tories become the party for increasing taxes for Britains wealthy, only cut taxes for £50,000 income and below.

  3. So, can we rely that none of us will be reading anymore adorable news outlets titles like the previous ones about NI – "the sausage war" of Lord Frost? (No offense this would be a more suitable title for a DC comics comedy, instead of to serve as an explanation of the relationship with "our friends"/because this is the way the PM called EU "our friends"/)

  4. Simple solution: divide the country into 2 different tax territories, low taxes for the north, higher taxes for the south. Drive the wealth up north, encourage investment and movement of people inside the UK to the deprived North and we can level out the country.

  5. Starmer will not stand down because of one reason, HE IS A LIAR.

    So it’s now hardly surprising that the people have already made up their minds that Sir Keir Starmer is two-faced toe-rag who pretends he’s holier than thou but does the opposite when he thinks no one’s watching.”

    Yes in 1974 under labour inflation was 24% and we had no world crisis events like today.
    The conservatives alway control inflation better than labour.

  6. China has built hundreds of thousands of miles of tunnels and bridges and roads and new high speed rail… in the time it has take the UK to build One section of HS2 which doesnt add any new stations and only reduces trave time on that route by 20 minutes…. at a cost of hundreds of billions.

    Imagine… arguing over whether or not an existing station should get funding for disabled access…
    Meanwhile in China…

    UK is a joke.

    Not the funny kind either.

  7. here's a few ideas…
    deligitimise food speculation. Make it legal for the homeless to build a camp anywhere.
    Results ? inflation reduced, food price stabilization, homeless problem GONE instantly.
    THAT is if you really care to solve the problem.
    Otherwise you are just another neoliberal milking the public.

  8. I always laugh when a Tory says they're committed to upholding the rule of law. Current Tory party is trying to fix international problems whilst can't address issues at home .

  9. Right so, without wanting to point out the bleedin obvious.
    But how does having a red and green lane into NI check the thousands of UK registered trucks heading down the A1/M1 motorway to Dublin every week?
    The UK is looking at this from their narrow Brexit mindset and not considering the Irish and entire EU market.
    The problem is this will end up with checks in Dublin port and Rosslare port eventually because of course there will be a leaky ship with these plans. That will never be accepted by Ireland of which we have a veto, we didn't vote for this mess and our place in the EU single market will not be damaged by the decision of a foreign country.
    You honestly think all of those thousands of trucks every week heading into Ireland (EU) from GB will be following the EU import export rules? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Funny….. More magical Brexit thinking from the UK government, will it ever end 🙄

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