1. Bands, Bikes and Booze is the best beer reviewer on the net. The Welsh guy is funny…can't hold his ale…he's pissed after two pints !

  2. Dean is superb he cuts the Waffle and he is to the point same with Baz, all the Beer no idea and carry on I just subscribed on the basis of what you said and your ok to review the reviewers they are there to be critiqued as people do with regards to TV shows

  3. I think his ‘beer expert’ thing was a complete rip off of what the Craft Beer Channel did a few months earlier because hes jealous of the traffic and opportunities they get

  4. I've only been watching beer reviewers for about a year. But I've been watching PC Tech reviewers for over a decade, and it became clear to me very soon that if a PC Tech reviewer isn't being true to his audience, then other PC Tech reviewers jumped on it from a great height. This was a good thing because it stopped certain PC Tech reviewers from just going Kerching …

  5. I rated Ultra Phase 8.5/10 – nice beer l

    An old boss always defined Expert as = 'Ex' mean a has-been and 'Pert' is a squirt under pressure.

    BTW, I know you don't like it Mark but I'm giving your video 8.5/10 😉

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