Monster Storm Brewing In Atlantic Ocean, Ireland and UK Lashed by Ali

-There will be severe or possibly damaging gusts for a time this morning especially in the west and northwest. Extreme caution is advised in the coastal districts of Clare, Connacht and Donegal this morning with strong gale and storm force winds here.

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  1. I have not been able to find any other source mentioning this…but did see on the local news they mentioned yesterday that if Florence breaks apart and reforms…it will go through a gender change…pfftt..sounds about right.

  2. What’s hilarious is the hurricane tracker for the weather channel doesn’t show anything at all in the Atlantic. Nothing at all on radar either u just made this up for click bait or something is up w the radar

  3. Storm Ali ..just wasnt as bad as people made out . Ok 2 people died in unfortunate circumstances …but Ali was nothing on Ophelia last year.
    There is wrong to come …as the fuckers keep firing up these storms .
    And they keeping people in fear by naming the storms .
    Next up storm brona zzzzzz

  4. Omg Dahboo, I can not believe there is another storm!! This is seriously INSANE AND SO OBVIOUS ITS NOT NATURAL . They could at least try to be less obvious and try to switch it up somehow. Oh, wait they did that with the volcanoes and the giant cracks and landslides and the earth basically breaking apart.

  5. Weather manipulation has been going on for a LONG time now! They are sick Bastards! Smh! "He who controls the weather, controls the world!" Sick and wrong!
    Stay safe folks! Thanks for this report Dahboo777 ☺👍💛✌

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