1. Why does this sound like exactly the kind of IPA I'd love to chuck? Ok, so maybe it's difficult to class it as an ipa…. Maybe just a beer I'd love to chuck and just enjoy. Sometimes I think we just need to not think too much about and enjoy what's in the glass, something I personally often forget to do.

  2. Interesting review. Some really cracking Irish Craft Beers these days actually – will need to see if I can introduce you to some of them! And in Gaelic its pronounced like "Slan-cha" 😉 You don't see too many English-style IPAs these days. I do like a bit of Marris Otter but not the biggest fan of the English hops in lighter beers – far more suited to darker beers and for me the English beers are all about the Stouts and the Porters rather than the EIPAs and ESBs. Oddly enough the best ESBs and EIPAs I've had have been Swedish rather than English and that's probably been because they've used the American hops. Sláinte dude! 😉

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