Lego Wars Third International Special Part 2

Welcome back to Lego Wars and the third International Special!

We continue our charge to an international champion with the second half out of our round of 32 with domestic champions and promising newcomers alike all out to start their campaigns with a bang!




  1. "duck a robot that can rotate it's self… Isn't that wonderful…"..

    He sounded about as interested in Lego duck as I am when it fights in real life 😂

  2. Sad Diddler got obliterated, they are one of my faves. That fight was epic though. Wadledee has such a powerful spinner. Rusty is a pretty sturdy boi. When seeing the thumbnail, i thought Rusty's head would get destroyed very badly, but it held up okay. Gotta mention how accurate that Scorpios is. Very nice. Duck was driven well. (Until they drove into the pit lol.) Great episode David!

  3. Anderson: Mergulho looks like a robot to watch out for in this International Special, they could go very far.

    Also Anderson: Block of Napalm aren't winning this fight.

    Mergulho: Welp, guess I'll die now!

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