Larkin's IPA By Larkin's Brewing Company | Irish Craft Beer Review

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Recorded In 4K Ultra HD Real Ale Craft Beer Reviews Larkin’s IPA By Larkin’s Brewing Company | Irish Craft Beer Review



  1. Not being too biased but the Irish craft beer is scene is at the top of the European beer scene. for a small country, we produce some of the craft around.. great review Simon!

  2. Find my pint is not very user friendly. Not being a ass just wondering if others are having trouble with it. Or is it just a U.K. thing and it dont work in the states?

  3. Hi Simon , I assume you know where Poland is or Czech republic, or Scotland even, I'm upset you don't know about addresses through if it has an address in Ireland it will say so , otherwise it will be NI I' know you can decifer that NI stands for Northern Ireland,,, for example I'm from Ireland and I know by the address on a label that if it sayes made in stoke England that's not Wales, or Kilmarnock Scotland again I know that's not Northern Ireland, just saying it's the closest land mass to you

  4. South… me 😂. It's not the North brother. Matey I've just started watching you're videos and am LOVING them. Can you answer me this one question please…..? Where do you get all these different beers? I want to try some of them….I sighed up to beer 52 but where do you get this on and all the others? Could you give me a few names and info lol. My Local shop doesn't have a huge range. Cheers my mate stay blessed

  5. Had a can of this last night, fabulous beer. I got a distinct taste of cloves in it as well as some black pepper, on top of the fruit salad and hop bitterness.

  6. I have this beer in my fridge at the moment. Looking forward to tasting it after seeing this. Wicklow is in the south of Ireland, just south of Dublin.

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