Irish Red Ale Beer Recipe Writing Brewing & Style Guide

Irish Red Ale
Author: David Heath
Brewfather Link:-

Batch Size : 19 L / 5 US Liquid Gallons
Estimated ABV – 4.5%
IBU : 23 (Tinseth)
Colour : 23 EBC

Pre-Boil Gravity : 1.040
Original Gravity : 1.045
Final Gravity : 1.011

Mash Profile
Two step plus mash out
62 °C / 143 °F – 30 min – Mash 1/2
68 °C / 154 °F – 30 min – Step 2/2
75 °C / 167 °F – 10 min – Mash out

Boil Time : 60 min

Brewhouse Efficiency: 75%
Mash Efficiency: 78.9%


2.457 kg / 5.4 lbs – Pale Ale 8 EBC (63%)
975 g / 2.14 lbs – Munich 14 EBC (25%)
234 g / 8.25 oz – Carapils 3 EBC (6%)
195 g / 6.87oz – Crystal 50 EBC (5%)
39 g / 1.37 oz Roasted Barley 1200 EBC (1%)

Use brewing software with your hops Alpha Acid % to calculate how much to use.
60 min – Northdown – (15 IBU)
15 min – Fuggles – (9 IBU)

1 pkg – Lallemand (LalBrew) Nottingham Yeast

Fermentation Profile
20 °C / 68 °F – 14 days *approx – Primary
I suggest rising the temperature to 23C ((73 °F) at 1C per day in the final 3 days of fermentation.

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Introduction music:- Drink Beer (Till The Day That I Die) by Dazie Mae



  1. Hi David Thank you this is my fav go to ale….Always have an Irish Red on tap…. in your recipe I'd guess Northdown hops to be around 20gm and Fuggles around 15gm is this about right As there wasn't a Brewfather link I wasn't sure
    As always thank you for all the effort that you put into these videos

  2. Thank you David. I’m quickly getting overbooked for my brewing schedule. You are a beast! None the less I have added this to my batches list. I do like a hoppy aroma so Will probably add a small dry hop addition

  3. Damn, you got the scylla? I dream of this think since i read about it.. was it two years ago? But I didn't find a seller in europe :/ The shipment to Austria is about 100 bucks but I didn't know if this is including customs and everything. I am excited about your review, would love to get it for my GF.

  4. Great video! Hey one idea for the ingredients guideline section, you could include a g/L range for the hops at times lower than 20min, I assume that for these flavor/aroma hops we care more about that rate rather than IBU.

  5. Very nice video! It makes me feel like brewing it! I plan to use safale S-04 under pressure. What do you recommend in terms of pressure and temperature? Thx!

  6. Very nice summary though! Actually I focussed a bit on this style a while back, made a couple of batches. I found that if you want to increase your percentages of specialty malts, wy1084 and wlp004 finish too sweet if you want to use liquid yeasts. WLP007 is amazing when you use a more complex grain bill.

  7. My favorite Irish Red in Ireland is Sullivan's which I understand has as much Vienna as Pale malt if someone wants to experiment. Thanks David for your ongoing efforts.

  8. Great video! Q: Am I able to brew this if on the boil I use a single temperature instead of the step method? What would be the difference? Would it ruin the beers unique qualities?

  9. Great video as always. For a 15-30 L batch I think immersion chillers are superior to plate or counter flow, they are just as fast or faster. It is also much easier to visually inspect the wort contacting surface for soil/stone, and a quick scrub with a nylon brush under hot water is generally enough to clean them. When using immersion chillers it helps to run very hot water through them first before adding to the kettle so the temp difference is not enough to stop the boil.

  10. Hi David, fun fact for you… that picture of a Castle on the hill in your video at 33s is the Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary in Ireland. The Archbishop of the Church of Ireland in Cashel back in the 1700's was Arthur Price, the Godfather of Arthur Guinness. Arthur Price bequeathed Arthur Guinness £100 in his will which he invested in a brewery and the rest as they say is history…..

  11. Great video David, it’s nice to see the development of your format, still true to your original setup just a bit more with history to give the style a context and how it’s evolved, I really like this addition! 🍺😀👍

  12. I so wish I could do AG brewing, that looks wonderful! I need to learn more about water profiles though, I have a RO filter for my water but don't really know how you get to the values shown in the recipes.
    Great video, David!

  13. Hey David. great video thanks. My question is about your grain bill. You break down the grains by %. I’ve see people do this before this may be silly but it confuses me. Say for example 60% of pale malt. 60% of what? How do you determine the 60% of the total grain bill? In my mind you would need the overall weight of the grain bill to determine the % but again I’m sure it’s something simple I’m missing. If you could please enlighten me.

  14. Great video on another interesting beer style, thanks David. Do you ever talk about target water profiles; whether you're trying to accentuate hoppy/malty flavours through the water profile? I always try to match the style guide's BU:GU ratios, but for me, at least, it would be interesting if you change water profiles to suit different beer styles.

  15. Hi David, your videos have been inspirational and I've learnt everything I know about grain brewing from your videos. Thankyou! I'm just starting to delve into water profiles and was just curious about water modifications with the various salts and chemicals. Do you have any videos that cover this?

  16. I think I worked out what I’m doing wrong with your batches (slightly below target every time) – I was working on 23 litre in the kettle thinking 19 litre was the volume for the keg. But now I believe it’s a 5 gallon (19 litre) in the kettle is that correct? Because that’s what I have done in Brewfather (changed the equipment to 19 litres kettle batch) & its spot on!

  17. Thanks for adding the tasting notes at the end. Finally some gratification. Lol. Nice work and I will defiantly be trying this recipe I love traditional red ales.

  18. Hi David. Brewing this just now. I've started fermentation at 19C as suggested. At what point do I decide when to ramp up by 1C per day? Days 12 – 14 or when the primary fermentation appears to have stopped after 3-4 days? Thanks

  19. I am brewing this one right now, and for some reason I got preboil sg 1.035 when it shuld be 1.040. What I did then was to let it boil until I reached 1.040, approx 30 min, and then I started my 60 min boil. I was going to adjust the hops accordingly, but the difference was only a few grams so I didn't bother. My question is, are there any drawbacks to this strategy apart from smaller batch size? Can you get off flavors from longer boiling time or something else I am not thinking of? Thanks

  20. Haven't brewed an Irish Red in a long time so will be brewing this recipe this weekend. I managed to find Northdown hops at my local brew shop, but they are from 2017. The homebrew shop stores their hops properly so they'll probably be ok, but I wonder how much I should drop the AA by to compensate for the age of the hops.

    They're 7.1% AA, and if go 10% drop per year I end up with about 5% AA. Should I go with that or should I try to find a fresher substitute?

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