Irish People Try Jameson Cold Brew

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Jameson Cold Brew is Jameson’s latest addition! It’s Jameson Irish whiskey infused with cold brew coffee. We here at The TRY Channel love a good whiskey so we teamed up with the fine folks over at Jameson on this video to try some Jameson Cold Brew cocktail serves to see what our TRYers thought!

The Tryers featured in this video:
Colin Regan http://TRY.Media/Colin
Ciara O’Doherty http://TRY.Media/Ciara
Justine Halpin: http://TRY.Media/Justine
Gráinne Blumenthal: http://TRY.Media/Grainne
Éadaoin http://TRY.Media/Eadaoin
Lena Klein: http://TRY.Media/Lena

About Jameson Cold Brew:
Introducing Jameson® Cold Brew. Coffee and Irish whiskey are no strangers. Jameson® Cold Brew combines the smooth taste of triple distilled Jameson® and the richness of natural cold brew coffee flavour into one bottle.

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Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound.

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  1. I tried finding Jameson cold brew in a large bottle I can't find it. When to liquor store after fishing asked for Jameson cold brew they sold out. The other liquor store I sometimes luck out an get the last 2 it's sooooo good 😋 delicious

  2. Tell the guy with the redness on his nose and forehead to try Medicated Selsun Blue shampoo or something with Seleniun Solfate 1%. if you have a Walmart there's an equate equivalent. It works!!

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