Irish Extra Stout – Anvil Foundry 10.5 – Jaded Brewing Scylla – 1 of 2

Irish Extra Stout – Anvil Foundry 10.5 – Jaded Brewing Scylla – 1 of 2

Less mic issues this time but I think I have it solved for the future. I’ll list the Irish Extra Stout recipe below with links to everything used in the brew.

Brewed on Anvil Foundry 10.5 gallon with recirculation system and chilled with Jaded Brewing Scylla – OG 1.065 – estimated abv – 6.9%
I was incorrect after rechecking the OG as I actually hit 81% BHE.

Irish Extra Stout – 5 Gallons
7.125 lbs (3.23 kg) Pale Malt, Maris Otter
2 lbs (0.91 kg) Flaked Barley
12 oz (0.34 kg) Victory Malt
8 oz (0.23 kg) Chocolate Dark Patagonia
6 oz (170 g) Roasted Barley
5 oz (142 g) Black Patent Malt
1 oz (28 g) Southern Cross (13% A) – 60 min addition (30 minutes in)
Last 5 Minute Additions –
Added 1 heaping tsp of Wyeast Yeast Nutrient
Added 1/2 crushed whirfloc tablet
After chilling to pitching temps –
Whitelabs 007 Dry English Ale Yeast
Fermenting at 66 to 68 F (wort temp)

Equipment I used to brew this batch of beer:
Anvil Foundry 10.5 Gallon All-in-One brewing system with recirculation pump kit
Jaded Brewing Scylla
The Scylla™- Designed for All-in-one brewing
Anvil Small Batch Adapter
Awesome propane burner – Great quality.
Wyeast Yeast Nutrient
Whitelabs Clarity Ferm Single 10ml vial
Tilt Hydrometer during fermentation
Gelatin – cheap bulk for clarifying
Hop filter for brewing–4-x-10-_p_7114.html?AffId=557
Glass Carboy
Plastic Carboy for measuring
Best Hydrometer I’ve ever used and a great company
All three different Hydrometers used:
Triple Scale Hydrometer with temp
155F Hydrometer
Easy to read Hydrometer
DR PH Meter – DR-100 (Amazing PH Meter)
Five Star Defoamer
Air pumping to help add oxygen to your wort
General supplies
Rode Go Premium Pack
Rode VideoMic Go



  1. Nice investment into the audio, and thanks for showing the Anvil foundry with Jaded chiller, which I'm about to pull the trigger on buying as my first upgrade from the stovetop pot/bag/plastic cooler setup. I'm hoping Anvil will cut a deal where I can order the Foundry system without their chiller, but with the pump & recirculation kit. From there I just need a proper hop spider and get away from using bags entirely, looks like you run a 400micron?

    Something you might consider for the band around the fermenter cap, an old Army trick called "Ranger Bands." Simply cut about a section of bicycle tire inner tube. It's super strong and dirt cheap (probably free, ask for a punctured tube from a local bike shop). They have dozens of uses for tying up cords, cables, straps, wrapping around handles for grip, anything you can imagine.


  2. I use a pipe clamps on my orange caps. But your shoelace strap looks like its plenty strong enough. Im new to Beersmith. What data points do you need to calculate your brewhouse efficiency? Enjoying your videos

  3. I'm a little concerned with your practices during the pitch. Talking over the top of an open carboy, sticking your nose into the Erlenmeyer, touching the flask to the carboy are all risking infections.

  4. Question regarding hop spiders, I recently got one and used it on a blonde ale I made last week. Worked great but wondering if you’ve seen or noticed a decrease in hop utilization or flavor/aroma? Also, do you use it whenever you brew, even with highly hopped IPA’s? Thanks

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