IRISH experience in AMERICA?! Visiting Guinness Open Gate Brewery, Baltimore, MD, USA | ETS21 VLOG

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Happy St. Paddy’s Month!

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Intro: 00:19
Going Inside 01:19
Guinness Draught 02:38
Fries & House Ketchup 03:50
Harp Lager 04:37
Baltimore Blonde 05:57
El Dorato Amber Ale 06:50
Breakfast Tea Amber Ale 07:51
Kailever Non-Alcoholic Brew 08:52
Full Irish Breakfast 09:40
Outro: 11:27



  1. Spencer here:
    For those of you concerned, I did not drive drunk. I filmed the outro in my car while waiting for my Uber to arrive because it was cold, then my wife took me to go get my car the next day. I work as a school bus driver and I would never do anything to put that job in jeopardy.
    I realize in hindsight that part came off as I was about to drive drunk, and I'm sorry for giving that impression. I'm new at vlogging & more advanced video editing, and it's something I didn't think about at the time until the comments started flooding in. I promise to review footage like this more carefully going forward.

  2. Jayus it's not Ireland love to you cause your a paddy doesn't mean it's better than Dublin . Your now being Irish cause your getting love from your home country

  3. The breakfast tea Hamburg (I hope that was the name) was definitely spilled in a bad way, no foam on top–>more gas in your stomach… I bet it's something related to the habit of American to maximize what the customer can have with their money and avoid complaints…
    Please comment

  4. Guinness…………. Irish for genius (edit… Aslan ….Made in Dublin… album u should chk out whilst drinking guinness at some point on ya channel)

  5. American big brand lagers may be based on German, or even Czech pilsners. However they taste nothing like them? I bought a round of real Czech Budweiser's for some USAF lads in Germany, when I was briefly detached with the RAF to Ramstein a few years ago.They hated it! Too much flavour they said! However, Guinness in the UK was different to the proper Irish stuff too. The brewery in London closed fifteen or so years ago but the beer from there was always slightly thinner and more bitter. Probably due to the hard water? We now just mainly get Irish Guinness imported. Far better! Nice and creamy.

  6. Here in the UK guiness brew a beer called Hop House 13 which is my favourite beer. Can't tell you how good it is you get the after taste of peaches and apricot

  7. Guinness is the only alcoholic beverage I will drink. There's a pub in beaconsfield England called "the royal standard of England". It's the oldest freehouse in England (900 years old).They have 2 seasonal ales called "winter royal & old roger". If you can drink 3 pints & make it to the bar they will give you the next one for free…..noone has achieved it so far.

  8. I had a Guinness in Shannon Ireland in my Dad's local, when the Bar tender held me the glass I went to take a sip, Old gentleman put his hand on my wrist and stopped me, I was told it takes 10 minutes to settle in the glass, I had to have a whisky on him until it was ready to drink, And to order next pint in advance, I had few practice runs of pints

  9. I’ve never been able to stomach the taste of Guinness, like drinking pure iron in that to me I just get a very strong metallic taste from it. Weird ! Lol 😂

  10. I’ve never had toasted soda bread. It never lasts that long in the house to go stale for toast. Always just liked real butter on fresh white soda bread but it’s good with proper marmalade too. Never had brown soda bread with molasses even in Ireland with the☘️ rellies. There brown soda bread just made with whole grain flour.

  11. Hey can you guys react to drive to survive season 4 …… I would love to see you guys react and keep making the amazing videos man…. Love watching your reaction

  12. You can't beat the original Spencer. The Kalibur non-alco is pronounced as in the last part of 'Excalibur' … That full Irish breakfast looked tiny compared to the Full English, but there again it was a rip-off American version. Can you get 'Newcastle Brown' over there? …. If so try some, it's as smooth as silk but with a helluva kick. Great video, now try a Full English with a bit of everything on the fork.

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