Irish Craft Beers from Porterhouse Brewing- Episode #102

The craft beer movement is making its way across the globe. Porterhouse Brewing in Dublin, Ireland is a perfect example of this. Moving against the grain of brewery consolidations in Ireland, Porterhouse is brewing up their unique spin on some classic Irish styles.



  1. I remember standing at the bar in the Porterhouse brewpub in 1999 when an American tourist walked in and asked for a Guinness. When he was told that they didn't serve Gunness he didn't wait for an explanation of what he could have instead but turned on his heel and walked out. At the start, you are over analysing and not enjoying enough. I have to take issue with you on what is a stout wouldn't you think that an experienced Irish brewer would know what constitutes a stout – take it from me these are stouts what you are comparing them to are over exaggerated new wave beers taking on the mantle of long existing beer styles and at the same time they are trying to out-compete each other. I prefer the Oyster too by the way!

  2. If you're not a big hop bitterness fan, you may not like this, but I LOVED their Hop Head ale.  I don't know if you can get it in US stores yet, but hey – maybe you'll just have to go back to Dublin and try it in the pub!

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