Irish Breakfast Ale (2020) | Resurgence Brewing Company | Beer Review | #815

Once again, it’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another installment of “Western New York Wednesday” here on the channel. However, this week I’ll be posting two WNY Wednesday reviews, and the first one comes from the Resurgence Brewing Company, and it’s their Irish Breakfast Ale, the 2020 release. This is a Smoked Irish Red Ale that is brewed with maple syrup and coffee. I’ve had this one numerous times before, and I really dug it, but it’s been about four years since I last had it, so let’s see how this year’s release is!

Commercial Description:

This Irish red ale is brewed with toasty malts and aged over coffee and maple for a rich, toasted flavor finished with notes of coffee and smokehouse maple.

Pertinent Information:

Brewery – Resurgence Brewing Company (Buffalo, NY)
Beer – Irish Breakfast Ale (2020)
Style – Smoked Irish Red Ale (Brewed w/ maple syrup & coffee)
ABV – 5.5%
Canned On Date – N/A (Quite fresh at the time of review)

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