1. Henderson definitely better than James Ryan the last year. Ryan is a big unit but doesn't have the aggression and strength his size should provide. Conan also not as good as Timoney the last while. I also think Hume has been better than Ringrose this year as well.

  2. We have a huge problem at 10. John S is going to be the downfall for the World Cup. I wish joey stood up in recent games but has shown a weakness in his game. Ppl saying Frawley is an option. Ppl easily forget. Remember when Henshaw was picked at full back in a six nations massacre. Ireland were always blessed with 2 class out half’s over the last 30 years. Now we are dependent on Johnny. How will his body make it through this tour, autumn series, a six nations and a World Cup. Time will tell.

  3. So much anti-Ulster sentiment amongst the selectors. McCloskey been ignored so much over the years and both Ulster 9s currently better choices than both Munster 9s

  4. Aki is definitely starting 12, Henshaw has been on and off and Frawley has looked better at times, Hansen will be starting at 14, Earls should be behind both Larmour and O’Brien

  5. Very safe 23. I think it will be fairly accurate, but would love to see Hume, particularly, get a run out against the AB's

  6. The weakest ABs pack almost in their entire history…if Ireland don't put the series to bed it spells doom for rwc23…they really should win 2-1…. nobody's going to win 3-0 in New Zealand

  7. Balacoune huge loss – our most explosive wing since Stockdale (although with much sounder defence at this stage. Interesting to see how Stockdale comes back after a year out. Always has his strengths but can he improve those weak areas?). Big ask for Larmour but he has great feet and speed. The way Ireland look to play I think you need real pace and power in wide channels. Anyway, excited about this series – fancy NZ to take it but Ire to win one test. Cheers.

  8. I honestly think the wings is the only area of obvious Kiwi supremacy, which is incredible to state after watching rugby for so many years. That being said, the Irish wings will all put in a shift.

  9. Ross Moloney had a great season for Leinster and will be disappointed not to be selected. I’m a Leinster supporter but I wouldn’t like to see 13/15 starting the first test from Leinster. I think they were a bit predictable at the end of the season and Faz needs to mix it up a bit. Ulster finished stronger and I would be inclined to vary it a bit from a player and tactics point of view. Keep the AB’s guessing.

  10. Conan has been stink the last while, feel like he has nearly played himself out of team. I'd maybe take a gamble on Coombes, or maybe a better bet would be Doris 8, Beirne 6 and Henderson 4. Not convinced by Beirne as a 2nd row too so would be happier to see him at 6… what do ya think!?

  11. Disappointed Balacoune got injured. I'm not his biggest fan but would like to see what he can do on the big stage, he's the kind of player with that spark that might come good in massive games.

  12. I think that Earls is a very consistently good player, but I think that if the likes of Hansen and Larmour play well in the Maori games, they'd get picked over Earls

  13. Great vid! I’d move Conan to the bench, Beirne to back row and get another big boy in the second row + I’d start aki at 12. Ireland/Leinster only lose when they get physically dominated… prevent that and they could win rwc23

  14. Henderson starts unless he's injured, comfortably the best lock in Ireland this season and I would say should be in contention for captain if Johnny goes

  15. I would like to see more variety in the selection, adding in some of the exciting Ulster backs. Very disappointed not to see McCloskey esp. When Ireland seem to lack a little confrontational physicality at times. Balacoune I think would have started. Lowry also seems too good to simply have him sitting behind Keenan

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