How you've been making tea WRONG your entire life – BBC

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Cherry Healey gets some scientific tips on making the best possible cup of tea with a tea bag.

Inside The Factory | Series 3 ‘Tea Bags’ | BBC


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  1. No BBC, I was not doing it wrong. That's how I make my cup of tea for over 30 years now, since I was a little kid. Why? 
    Telling me not to make tea in a styrofoam cup is as helpful as advising me not to make tea in a toilet bowl of a motorway service station…

  2. Brewed in a Styrofoam cup??? Are you guys trying to kill yourselves early. Lawd. Most metal tea kettles leach metals into the water, and ceramics can have lead in the paints. Have to be very careful what you're brewing in and drinking from!

  3. I only drink one cup of tea at a time so I microwave the water to just under boiling in the mug then add the bag. Boiling an entire kettle of water for one person always seemed absurd to me.

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