How to successfully open your own microbrewery (Pixeled Brewing, Fargo, ND)

In this video, Nick, the owner of Pixeled Brewing discusses how he built an arcade tap room brewpub in an historic building in Fargo, ND. He discusses why he wanted to open an arcade brewpub, how he branded it, the equipment he chose, what a typical brew day looks like, some of the ups and downs of owning a brewpub, and he gives several pieces of sage advice.

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  1. I actually did this in my garage for my homebrew. I have a TV setup over my beer fridge/tap/draft system with an NES and original Mario Bros. I play while I'm waiting on mash, boil, etc. The old arcade games are a nice touch. Of course someone else already had the idea before me!

  2. I love the passion and the guts that this guy has. However at 04:25 he said that he's still experimenting with the brewing to get it optimal. I would make sure that you get a steady product, without to much fluctuation. Also, I personally feel like you should only sell beer that you are completely happy with, and you shouldn't just sell it because people think it's okay-ish. Make sure that you have a vision of the beer that you want to serve, and what you think is perfect beer, Otherwise, slacking is prone to happen. Awesome video, keep up the good work.

  3. This is awesome, I’ve been somewhere similar.

    Is it suitable for an anti-social/anxious person to open a microbrewery? I’m currently just homebrewing but I love the scientific art of meticulously crafting a beer recipe, plus the procedure of brewing it. Perhaps I could have family help out with the sales aspect and if people want to drink on site… I’ll look into saving for a BrewHa system! My microbrewery would be focused on music as that’s my main love but I’ll never be able to make money from it.

  4. Fantastic video Nick! Thanks for sharing both your love of BREWHA and your love of Killer Queen to the followers here.

    It’s the coolest crossover for me personally, being independently a fan of both KQ and Brewha. To see them both in the same video…I might be one of the few in the world who can truly appreciate how special both of these are. Thank you.

    Look us up if you’re ever visiting Austin. and

  5. Outstanding video!!! I'm new to brewing. I'm an air traffic controller by trade, but I hope to have a business much like this within 10 years when I'm eligible to retire from govt service. Love these brewha systems!!! Excellent engineering.

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