How to make wild Dandelion coffee.Harvesting, processing and brewing in the woods.

The humble Dandelion(Taraxacum) often overlooked and under appreciated and in most cases treated as a ‘weed’. But this hardy versatile perennial has a multitude of uses and been used for centuries to make food, medicine and beverages.
It is this last use that I will show a simple field method to make a hot tasty fortifying drink.
There are many ways to make dandelion coffee, some more complex than I show in the video, but I like this straight forward ‘field brew.’

A few points to note about preparing the coffee.
-Make sure you correctly identify the dandelion (Taraxacum)
-You will need to collect 10-15 dandelion roots per cup of coffee.
-The best time to harvest the root is late Autumn to early Spring when the plant has stored all the nutrients in its roots and you will get the best yield for your foraging efforts.
-For a more refined cup of coffee you can use a bandana or shemagh to filter out the more rustic chunks of root.

Bon appetite !

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  1. Now that's bushcraft with less mumbo jumbo, by just showing it. I don't know if its (dandelio) to be found where I live though. Nice sceneries too. Vakkert (beautiful)!

  2. Oh nice! Dandelion ‘s coffea! I’ve heard of this technic so many times but never tried it myself. Also I dont remember to have seen any videos about it until now! 😉👍🏻 great job as always peaceful moment… take care!

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