How to Make Hard Cider in Three Easy Steps

Brewmaster Jeff Merriman explains how to make hard cider in three simple steps. You can make hard cider from fresh pressed apple juice, store bought juice (without preservatives), or one of the hard cider concentrate kits sold at Northern Brewer.

Cider Making Supplies:
Cider Making

Guide to Making Hard Cider:



  1. Did you add just one packet of red star for 5 gallons? Is there any benefit to adding a pectin enzyme for clarity?

    Also, how much priming sugar for 12 oz bottles?

    Great video!!

  2. Right off the bat, I’m disappointed. The first step instructions say not to use dish soap. Great advice I’m sure. But then you don’t give any alternative cleaning agent one should use. So now I’m sitting here thinking „wow that’s no help at all“
    Im not even going to finish this video. Crappy content creation in my opinion.
    Thanks for nothing…

  3. Great video! If I want to add for example brown sugar, should I be heating the juice up first to allow it to absorb? And for gravity and I just reading it as if it were “beer”?

  4. I might get roasted but it's fine because I really enjoy my cider. I use 04 yeast leaves it pretty sweet I ferment 2 weeks then bottle and pasteurize the yeast to kill it off and leave the bottles sweet and carbonized.

  5. Turbo cider made from non-cider apples. Drinkable, but not tasty or textured. (Roeselare yeast in clean apple juice = funky wild yeast flavours and faults). You Americans need to come over to Blighty and drink some properrrr West Country ziderrrrr in Zumerzzzettttt – lots of culture down here also. You'll love it. And the locals talk like pirates.

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