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Break out your bean grinders and come to attention because barista class is in session! Join Kaleena Teoh and Chi Sum Ngai, owners of Coffee Project NY, as they teach us how to make (almost) every espresso drink your average coffee consumer could come across. From venerable lattes and cappuccinos to creamy affogatos and martinis with a kick, Kaleena and Sum break down everything there is to know about espresso – and prepare you with a barista’s knowledge for the next time you’re at the local shop.

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Prep Tools
02:13 Espresso, Manual
04:45 Espresso Machine
06:23 Doppio
07:18 Lungo
08:43 Ristretto
09:59 Americano
10:50 Cortado
13:32 Piccolo Latte
14:31 Cappuccino
15:44 Flat White
17:01 Macchiato
17:38 Latte Macchiato
18:24 Breve
18:56 Red Eye
19:40 Mocha
20:41 Espresso Romano
21:25 Dirty Chai
22:12 Syrup Latte
23:26 Espresso Martini
24:54 Corretto
25:36 Beerpresso
26:32 Paloma
28:05 Frappe
28:53 Affogato
30:00 Vienna Coffee
31:15 Caffe Freddo
31:59 Turkish Coffee

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How To Make Every Coffee Drink | Method Mastery | Epicurious



  1. I've been told the flat white originated in Australia. Do you know if this is true? Also here in Australia a cappuccino is always served with a dusting of cocoa powder. I'm 62 and I've been drinking coffee for 50 years, never had a cappuccino with the cocoa dusting.

  2. I enjoyed these 34 minutes, I usually don't like to watch videos that long. Reviewed some of the drinks more than 2 times 😁. Young girls and they know well their profession 😊. Great video!) The taller one drinks a lot of coffee 😁, I find it hard if they filmed it in one day with all that coffee consuming.

  3. I'm really sorry to mention that because I just saw the video, but that's not Greek frappe. For Greek frappe, you just need the Nescafe coffee grounds (and sugar if you want), you pour a bit of cold water, you whisk/beat it with an electric hand whisker, and when it's frothy enough you pour cold water until it almost reaches the top of the glass and you put a straw in and enjoy.
    'Caffe freddo' is accurate. We just call it freddo espresso, and if you put cold frothy milk on top, it's a freddo cappuccino (For Greeks, not Italians)

  4. The Red Eye actually has 3 different versions, The Red Eye, The Black Eye and my favorite The Dead Eye

    Red Eye is Drip coffee topped with 1 shot
    Black Eye is Drip coffee topped with 2 shots
    Dead Eye is Drip coffee topped with 3 shots

    Dead Eye has so much caffeine in it you can hear colours ,taste sounds and see the future

  5. I actually work for a coffee company and in all levels (from those in stores to corporate to staff who handle office management) we are trained to understand not only what coffee is and how its produced but also how to make many types of drinks (those in the stores get far more training but I learned a bit). My favorites are americanos, dirty chai, and cappuccinos, but I love mochas when we have chocolate in the office (we sometimes do if there are demonstrations going on). We are not doing that at all right now because we are at home, but I got really good at making these drinks at home and we had a virtual meeting during December where they showed us coffee-based cocktails.

  6. For the Frappe, they missed a very important step. You need to add a tiny bit of Xanthan gum or some other emulsifier or the liquid and ice will begin to separate almost immediately. Babish and Weissman covered this in different videos. They also put way too much milk and not enough espresso IMO, but everyone enjoys their coffee differently so it's up to you.

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