How Scotch Whisky is Made – From Grain to Glass

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Ever wondered how Scotch whisky was made? Peer behind the doors of Scotland’s distilleries and discover the centuries-old secrets to production in its five whisky regions.
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  1. Trying it the whole week….not bad,the only drawback is i apologise to alot of people the following day, for things i dont recall doing after drinking…but worth the relaxation though…

  2. My brother collects scotch. He poured me a few glasses of his favorites, which I only finished because I wanted to be drunk enough to tolerate my family for the holidays. Scotch is like drinking an ongoing lumberyard fire. In the future, I'll stick to well made whiskey. Why pay $200 for something that hurts when you drink it and makes you smell like a bog fire? I could pay $25 for a bottle of Irish, Canadian, or American whiskey, and have it actually taste good.

  3. The last frame kinda ruined the whole video. The full glass of whiskey, really? )

    Update. Ok, that glass is not so big, but anyway… Had to say something! )

  4. It was Hiram n Walker of Canada that made the law in the 1800s that whisky must be aged 3 year b4 being called whisky and the scots only took on that law a year after Canada so basically the scots learn about aging from Canadians

  5. Whatever they make today won’t be drank till years later , I heard the Japanese tried to replicate it but couldn’t
    Whiskey will always belong to Scotland
    They are the masters

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