How One Irish Immigrant Changed the Fate of the American Colonies: The Story of Sir William Johnson

Peter makes fire and brews coffee over the open fire, while explaining his hypothesis of how Sir William Johnson changed the course of history in the American Colonies.

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Featuring – Peter Kelly
Cinematography – Catherine Wolfe
Producer & Editor – Catherine Wolfe

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The amazing music in this episode is graciously provided by our friends, Richard Fortier and Al MacDonald.

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  1. Came here from Ron and Justine’s channels, and I’m not sad I did! I adore listening to you tell stories and share the early American lifestyle! I’m going to binge all your videos now!

  2. Johnstown, NY founded and named by Sir William Johnson, I live in his back yard, lol. His residence is still standing. The history of this man and the area he was responsible for played a major role in New York history. If u ever get the chance visit his homes in Johnstown, ny. Also read a book called The Bloody Mohawk. The history of this area is unbelievable. Thanks again for another great video.

  3. If only all history teachers could start their classes off with a fresh pot of coffee and a campfire….I think they would capture the minds of every student for a lifetime, and also a few others 😉

  4. Hi from Ireland. My brother sent me in the direction of your channel. Love what you do. Thank you for sharing your life, your skills and your history lessons with us. : )

  5. Wanted to tell you thanks for sharing your life. Always enjoyed your work and story’s. I’ve been rewatching all your cabin building videos. Just this past week I closed on a wooded property in the Ozark. It’s a little way from home ( 1hr) and I’m praying I’ll get to build a cabin similar to y’all’s. God bless y’all. (Old guy from Arkansas)🇺🇸

  6. Such a great video. I believe the term 'Hill Billy' was given to the Scotch Irish immigrants who settled in America. They tended to settle in the hills and 'Billy' is referring to King William of Orange. I'm from Ireland myself, County Donegal to be exact and its always interesting to hear stories of the Irish settlers in America.

  7. Thank you for sharing these interesting stories. Another uplifting video. I'm looking forward to your videos with Spring/Summer landscapes. Keep up the good work!

  8. I am a student of the French and Indian war reading all I can about it. Yes I've read extensively about Sir William Johnson and his accomplishments. Always thought he was sort of an unsung hero, if you will. Thanks.

  9. History is always a good topic. Still a key point left out and one still burning in the minds of some (the aware) Americans; Sir William Johnson was a "RED COAT" even if he passed away in New York. I think the prelude to the video: The two young deer. One was highly spooked and the other oblivious as they were being watched (camera representing – take a guess) – Think America and Canada. Due to pride and not wanting to offend, I'll let the reader decide which one was which. Thanks for the video and history. Things; in a way, haven't changed. Canada's demeanor and America's remains the same … how odd that is? I also believe the relationship between the two countries is as blended as our histories… Like two brothers. Hence, why Americans are not pleased with the recent actions taken against the Canadian people. (JF)

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