HIGHLIGHTS | Ireland 4-0 Qatar – International Friendly

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Full highlights of Ireland’s emphatic 4-0 win against Qatar in front of a sell-out crowd of 25,749 at the Aviva Stadium!



  1. Ogbene maybe playing for Rotherham (in whatever League that is) but the Lad looks like he has a "Goal Poachers" nose& instincts! And I hope he keeps on scoring&improving for his sake and Ireland's,!

  2. 0-4 at 58 min then Nothing To Lose Qatar Must High Press Them atlest here after, 0-6 or 0-7 won't make any big difference compare to 0-4. If u High Press Any Team they will make a Mistake, u may get a chance to Score. 👍👍👍

  3. Qatar who has one the asian cup got destroyed by Ireland who is not close to one of the best countries in europe. Sorry but it says everything about how bad the level in asia are when it comes to football

  4. Fantastic result. If we can beat a team of the quality and experience of Qatar 4-0, surely we're a shoo in for a semi final spot at the World Cup finals. 😐 I've been away. What's with the blue shirts? Are we pretending to be Italy?

  5. It is lucky colour ( blue) for ireland buy how the fans did not refuse it . It isnt one of ireland flag colours . I think they know how it is lucky colour in sports ( italy, france , chelsea , barca …etc)

  6. Zero – Qatar ,Zero – Qatar ,Zero – Qatar ,Zero – Qatar ,Zero – Qatar Big-Zero – Qatar –huu huu huu … Please search any African/ Latin american players available for 1 year , otherwise will be a big shame in coming world cup…

  7. Great stuff; they looked solid, confident and strong, although Qatar really were not that great. I loved goal number 3, way to go, you boys in green, I'm glad that "the corner has been turned" and things are starting to look a bit better for our team. Hopefully this will continue COYEBIG!!

  8. Hope all you fans had a good night in Dublin. Living here in Germany, I like to think that Irish fans are interested in football and appreciate good football even if Ireland loses. Well done to the Irish team. Things starting to look up.

  9. I have to say these last two games the standard of football from Ireland has been very enjoyable to watch not like the pure shite they where playing under Trapatoni and O'neil hopefully this is just the start oh yea and F*** John Delaney .

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