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Ready to pay homage to all things Guinness? Then head on down for a tour of the Guinness Storehouse, located in St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. While the tour itself is dry, your admission fee does include a pint of Guinness at the conclusion of your exploration.

This seven-floor marvel is built around a glass atrium shaped like a giant-sized pint of the famous stout. Anything you ever wondered about Guinness will be revealed in this towering building. Did you know that Arthur Guinness first started brewing ale in 1759? During your Guinness Storehouse sightseeing, you’ll learn more about Guinness himself, as well as take a gander at the lease he signed to ensure Guinness remains brewed in Dublin for millennia to come. Yes, we said millennia; the lease is for 9,000 years.

Guinness Storehouse tourism includes a first-hand look at the company’s brewing methods, and once you’ve taken in just how much work goes into crafting the perfect barrel, you can sample its glory in the tasting lab. You can also feast on genuine Irish beef and Guinness stew in the Brewers Dining Hall as well as pour your own pint of Guinness at the Perfect Pint Bar.

For the ultimate Guinness experience, head to the seventh-floor Gravity Bar, for 360-degree views of Dublin and a free pint of Guinness that’s included in the admission fee. Please drink responsibly.

How long have you been waiting to visit the Guinness Storehouse?

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