Guinness brewery railway No. 3BG

Curator Edward Friel presents a look at the history of our faithful shunting engine, Guinness brewery No. 3.

You can see and travel behind ‘Guinness’ during special events at Whitehead Railway Museum.

To find out more about the RPSI, take a steam train trip with us or visit Whitehead Railway Museum, follow us online:



  1. Thanks for making a great video. Good mix of historical and technical information, all clearly explained and set in the context of the period. I hope you will make many more videos in future. I look forward to seeing the Guinness engine again soon at Whitehead Railway Museum.

  2. Is there any news on the SLNCR tank 0-6-4 Lough Erne? I would really like to see her run. I would also really like to see no. 800 "meadhbh" run aswell. I think it would be very good to have an engine of that size because it means larger trains can be pulled. It would be a nice change to see a 4-6-0 on the line.

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